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Madden 15 Titans Ratings

How will Bishop Sankey and Justin Hunter fair this season?
How will Bishop Sankey and Justin Hunter fair this season?

Madden 15 Titans ratings are up and about, and it’s time we finally get to how EA views young up and coming talents like Justin Hunter, Bishop Sankey, and other potentially key cogs on the Tennessee Titans this season.

While the Titans didn’t exactly wow spectators last season on their way to a 7-9 record, they did start a rebuilding process on the offensive line that continued in the 2014 NFL draft with guys like left tackle Taylor Lewan. With an improving line up front, rookie RB Bishop Sankey will have half the eyes on him this season, with the other half focused on the progress of ultra-talented second-year receiver Justin Hunter.

With no more Chris Johnson on the roster, the Titans might have made the right move in the real life NFL, but in Madden the loss of one of the biggest playmakers in the game’s history is surely going to sting. Jake Locker’s return will help the offense some, and Kendall Wright has proven himself a very capable target hog under any circumstance, but for the most part it will be all about developing the future on Madden 15.

There are plenty more Madden 15 Titans ratings to learn about, and as with any season there are always a few gems to be uncovered. Who do you think EA got right on the money this year in their ratings, and who needs some fixing? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Shortcut: Madden 15 Ratings For All 32 Teams

*Click on the rating header to sort high/low for that attribute. Check out this page for a glossary of terms. I can’t vouch for the accuracy of all the information, but it will help explain what abbreviations like “PUR,” mean if you don’t know already.

Madden 15 Titans Ratings


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What do you think of the ratings? Toss your comments below.

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  • Oscar Atterberry

    Might grab Bishop Sankey for my Fantasy Draft CFM. He has a good combo of speed and strength. I’ll just upgrade his ugly ass trucking rating and he’ll be good.

  • Avery

    titans run a 3-4 now. Fix the positions!

  • Eube OolFol

    So Griffin has 60 pursuit and no hit power but has been fined along with pollard how many times? FOR HITS! Plus never less than a 80 tackle season And Pollard had 3 ints last year george wilson is a converted WR playing safety but both him and Pollard have horrible catch ratings and Pollard having 89 not 90+ hit power is a travesty

  • Dustin

    Positions are all out of wack

  • sterling scruggs

    Titans fan for years this is horrible. Justin hunter is by far the fastes receiver on out team and he gets a 92 speed and 89 acceleration?! Madden has messed up my teams roster.

  • Jason Mclean

    These ratings are horrible.. lockers deep ball needs to be fixed, hunters speed and cit needs to be upgraded for washington walker hunter and mcluster.. kendall needs higher juke and elu he made people look horrible on his short routes and getting extra yards… Hunter has a better rls than that..
    lb are rated like they are all rookies, but come on they should be in the high 70s low to mid 80s and oher how do you go from a 89 to a 76?..
    ive been playing madden for 15 yrs and this is the worst ive seen them. i know when we start playing good we will not see a increase but the popular teams players will get 2-3 points per week…
    Cant wait for football and for the titans to be on a roll with a healthy jake locker.. i also have faith in our gem of the draft mettenberger…..

  • Zantku

    Who did the stats this year!?!? I know the Titans aren’t high rated. But this is beyond far off of their actual play ratings! Then again they screwed up all the stats for every team!

  • Eli Miller

    Not even a Titan Fan but I still think like an 83 overall would be more accurate. Deep accuracy is way low for sure.

  • Derrick Mradidas Whitehorn

    i never understood how a wr can have 82 spd so you telling me that a wr is damn near the same speed as the tackle

  • Frankie Allen

    Worst ratings ever by EA in all the years I’ve played madden notice whoever made up these numbers wasn’t man enough to put his name on it… Do you even watch football?! Or do you start randomly plugging in numbers? Quick sidenote (Locker has been credited on his deep balls and next to Vince Young and RG3 has had the fastest 40 time for a QB in the last decade, that means faster than Cam, Russ, Kaepernick, and Johnny Football. Do you homework EA!

  • tyrell

    They really most hate the titans Why all the false ratings on people and the speed and hands of the best players is just crazy and locker is better then that they have other teams back Qb better then him Smh