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Madden 15 Ultimate Edition Cover Revealed (With No LOB)

Madden 15's Ultimate Edition appears to have its cover, and it's not what we were hoping.
Madden 15's Ultimate Edition appears to have its cover, and it's not what we were hoping.

The Ultimate Edition of Madden 15 was something we held out hope would feature the Legion of Boom, however recent cover art updates at major online retailers like Amazon and Best Buy may have squashed that movement for good, as the cover appears to feature nothing more than an includes highlight.

Many fans were petitioning for the Seattle Seahawks’ “Legion of Boom” to make the cover of Madden NFL 15, after Richard Sherman himself publicly requested that his brothers in wings join him on the cover art. When the Madden 15 cover was leaked just a week ago, we were hoping that perhaps the Ultimate Edition of the game would welcome the Seattle secondary. The Ultimate Edition features $40 in Madden Ultimate Team content packed into it, and for a lot of different reasons it made sense to feature the LOB on it.

Unless a special collectors edition of Madden 15 is in the works, then it seems EA missed a prime opportunity here with the Ultimate Edition cover to drum up additional interest. In my experience monitoring Madden 15 discussion on social media, there was quite a lot more interest in seeing the LOB on the cover than the petition alone indicated, and an alternate cover for the Ultimate Edition of the game would have likely increased sales, as well as shined more line on Madden’s Ultimate Team mode, which has proven to be a consistent money maker for EA.

Did EA make a mistake by not featuring the LOB on the Ultimate Edition?

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‘Madden NFL 15:Ultimate Edition’ Cover

Madden NFL 15 Ultimate Edition Cover Art

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  • boomNation

    Blahhhhh. Missed opportunity.

    • GoMadden

      Totally agree. There was fan push behind this. It would have come off well.

  • drewdat

    was really hoping to see a diff cover

  • cordarrelle84

    Sherman should have put his foot down and force EA’s hand.

    • AutoPaparazzi

      He probably likes it this way.

  • EagleDomiKnation

    It’s fine man they didn’t vote Chancellor and Earl Thomas on the cover they voted Sherm..

  • flashgordon12

    Some of LOB aint even on the hawks anymore that would just be awkward.

    • AutoPaparazzi

      It mostly would be Thomas, Chanceller, and Sherman. Maybe one other.