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Madden 15’s ‘Ultimate Edition’ Created Just For MUT Fans

Madden Ultimate Team fans can get a special copy of Madden 15 this season.
Madden Ultimate Team fans can get a special copy of Madden 15 this season.

For many fans, getting the new Madden NFL game is an annual event, and that event just got a lot more exciting for those hoping to play Madden 15 Ultimate Team in the coming months. In a new announcement just revealed the other day, MUT fans can grab a special edition of Madden 15 that suits their card-collecting needs.

Madden NFL 15: Ultimate Edition will pack in $40 worth of Madden Ultimate Team content along with Madden 15 for $69.99. Considering the game is expected to retail at $60, that’s quite an extensive bonus for a comparatively small fee. For avid MUT fans (which there are a lot of, I see you on Twitter!), this appears to be a must-buy. If you have never dipped your toes in MUT, this might also be a good investment to get yourself started.

Last year’s Madden 25 made significant improvements to MUT by adding in a season mode that added greater depth to the already-popular side game. We don’t yet know if any significant updates were done to MUT for Madden 15, however there’s a good chance we might get an answer to that question in the coming days and weeks as we get closer to release.

It’s unclear just where you can get the Ultimate Edition at this time, however it’s expected that pre-order pages will pop up shortly. Notably, Amazon has the standard edition of the game available for pre-order now, along with $15 worth of bonus Madden Ultimate Team content, which may be a good compromise for those that don’t want to shell out the extra cash for the Ultimate Edition, but still want some MUT card packs.

Update: You can now pre-order the Ultimate Edition. Simply select your console from the list to ensure you don’t grab the wrong copy from Amazon’s Madden NFL 15: Ultimate Edition page.

Madden 15: Ultimate Edition

• Madden NFL 15
• 30 Madden Ultimate Team Pro Packs
• 1 Draft Class Pack (10 first round draft picks from 2014)
• Total cost of $69.99

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