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Madden 15 Ultimate Team & Franchise Details Looming

MUT and CFM are big talking points among many Madden NFL fans.
MUT and CFM are big talking points among many Madden NFL fans.

Madden 15 Ultimate Team and Connected Franchise has heard nary word said about them so far in EA SPORTS’ hype cycle for the upcoming football video game, but that doesn’t mean that details are not just around the corner. In fact, we’re expecting some info any day now.

It’s easy to get caught up in the defense changes in Madden NFL 15, or the new gauntlet mode that was recently featured, but rest assured it’s MUT and CFM that many fans are waiting to hear word on. Last season, both modes received massive face-lifts with seasons and the re-emergence of the Owner role respectively.

Just a few days ago we put together our own Madden 15 Franchise wishlist, which was compiled from both our own wishes and wants for this year’s upcoming game, but also a few common recommendations from the community. Some of our desires are likely long off, but it’s possible some previous hopes may have found their way into the game this year, such as recent allusions to the fact that draft classes might be random, or in the very least more difficult to identify, which would be a big boon to online franchise leagues.

Madden 15 Ultimate Team

Currently, there is an embargo on information regarding both Madden 15 Ultimate Team and Connected Franchise mode, and while it’s unclear when either of those can be talked about, we do know that a few people already have gotten their hands on the modes. MUT is of special interest this year, because EA is releasing an Ultimate Edition of Madden 15 that features a purported $40 in MUT content, for only $10 on top of retail price. MUT has been an important money-maker for EA in recent years, across multiple games, and it would serve them well to continue to develop the mode and enhance user experience.

Over on GoodGameBro, a few key MUT community members with hands-on time with the mode are taking questions, and will be dishing out answers as soon as they’re allowed to. If you are particularly interested in MUT and have any pressing questions you want answered as soon as possible, then this should be a great resource to learn. Admittedly, I don’t have a ton of experience in MUT myself, so even if I had played the game early, I wouldn’t be able to provide as much context to the changes this year as these guys could, so check them out if that’s your thing.

Madden 15 Connected Franchise

On the Connected Franchise side of things, lead designer Josh Looman has sounded adamant on building and improving upon the franchise experience, and doing the best to not remove features year-to-year in place of others. Looman has made special note in the past of wanting to focus on adding features that will continue to be in the game each season, and ultimately help build a richer franchise mode for fans. Last season Owner mode was introduced in Madden 25 to great fan fare, and it wouldn’t be far-fetched to think this mode will be among the first to receive some touch-ups. For most franchise players however, the fun is in online leagues with friends, and that’s the information I am most looking forward to hearing about from EA.

Online franchises, in my opinion, are the future of Madden because they provide the ultimate football experience. In online Madden leagues, you not only get to play the games, but you get to trade and act as a real NFL GM, and it really enriches the experience. While places like /r/Madden have done a great job of spinning off some awesome leagues, it’s ultimately EA’s job to facilitate a smoother process to finding and joining a league. Currently, it’s almost impossible to find an active, well-sustained league through anything but community forums. While I don’t have any good answers for EA on how to make finding and joining leagues easier (and more reliable) from within the game interface, it’s a problem that I hope they have been working on, because they would benefit greatly from it.

With the first Madden 15 ratings info just weeks (perhaps even days) away, it wouldn’t be surprising to see game details on CFM and MUT to start making their way online. EA is currently making and releasing focused videos on specific segments of Madden NFL 15, so it’s to be expected that videos for both CFM and MUT are just around the corner, as well as developer blogs to go along with them. Some have already gotten their hands on both modes in Madden 15 and likely have their previews written and ready, just waiting on word from EA. Hopefully, that word is soon.

Madden NFL 15 is currently set to release on August 26th, and will be available on PS4, PS3, Xbox One and the Xbox 360. The game will not be making an appearance on Nintendo’s premier game system, the Wii U. This is the second year in a row EA has opted to skip over Nintendo’s next-gen console.

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daily fantasy football league
  • camtheman1

    MUT easy!

  • steelgatez

    online leagues are awesome when u can get ppl together and actually play

  • Steel226

    Connected franchise mode by a long shot.Utimate team is so lame.Lets go Steelers!!

  • Will Moore

    gotten up to 20 die hard online players in my connected every year… really hope they keep improving it ,keeps me going when football season over!

    • GoMadden

      That’s awesome man. 20 die-hards is a great number. Where’d you go to find that may I ask?

      • GoMadden

        Edit nvm! I see your post on the franchise article. That’s awesome man. Hard to build a league up organically like that but I bet it’s way stronger than a lot of others because of it.

        • Will Moore

          yup it has and since i keep alot of the same players the competitiveness grows each each year. i usually get new players from friends of the players since they know if they are good players or not… ive never asked a single person to join,they all have requested to play. its pretty cool so far

          • Bryan Lynn

            If Your starting one for xbox one MY gamertag is Mrh1tUrGirl im very active

          • P.T.

            yup the start up of a new league is always the toughest, that first year, if you run it well,and have good owners, guys will stick around and bring in their friends, I say the first full year is the real mark , if you can get past that first full year and keep guys interested in staying, then your doing something right . Always looking to improve. CFMs are tons of fun when you can keep them going, Ours runs year round, we never stop , from madden to madden and even at this time of year we have 28 owners still hanging in there. Keep your league going and youll have a waiting list to fill in spots when needed in future. i HIGHLY recommend as the place to host your league , if you dont use it , check it out man. best of luck !

  • 49er_Fan16

    MUT is were its at boooo connected franchise

  • Legacy Harrison

    I rarely play online franchise,I’ve only played offline franchise mode with family and friends(the entire reason I skipped a year of madden with madden 13)..the most awesome thing about any madden I’ve plAyed (all of them except 13) are offline multiplayer franchise/connected franchise and when they used to allow you to play with nfl legends!!!connected franchise online is no better than connected franchise offline minus finding random people to play with(and much more cheating and glitches messed up games)..the feel of multiplayer offline connected franchise with family and friends can’t be duplicated in offline franchise!the ability to play one or so season in a day,play,trade,gm,etc together,and come together it’s like football game days with madden!!!i love and need offline connected franchise!!!

  • Jason Sullivan

  • Jason Sullivan

    Nothing beats playing 31 other humans for 5-7 seasons

  • Jason Sullivan

    I have no interest in MUT,never played it

    • P.T.

      me either, i dont pay to win, i win by playcalling and user skill

  • Chris Cutty

    CFM!!!! on or off is MADDENS LIFE BLOOD!!!(in my humble opinion) especially since reintroduction of owner mode and fantasy draft….but i definitely get y ppl like MUT, just not really my thing…….Either way… “Can’t wait”……

  • Animal Mother

    Re:{me either, i dont pay to win, i win by playcalling and user skill}
    You must not be very good at Madden, P.T. I play MUT and im on ALLMADDEN 1st team. Never paid a dime. The real skill is playing(and winning) with an inferior team and building appropriately as you go.. the strategies are more extreme and interesting.