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Madden 15 Videos (E3 2014)

The first high-quality Madden 15 videos have emerged online.
The first high-quality Madden 15 videos have emerged online.

There were no pictures or videos of Madden 15 allowed on EA’s show floor on the first day or so of E3 2014 (as well as many other EA games for that matter), but that restriction appears to be slowly or selectively lifting, and more Madden 15 videos are starting to make their rounds on the web.

We’ve scoured the web this morning for the best Madden 15 gameplay videos we could find from E3, and now we’re putting them all here in one place so you can move beyond the hype and see exactly how the game is playing this year. The theme in Madden’s game design and development this time around appears to be improving defense and giving players more control (even with cameras), so these might be changes that need to be felt more than seen. Still, it’s always worth taking a peek.

So, without further adieu, here are a few videos worth watching that feature extensive live gameplay from Madden NFL 15. We’ll update this list as more quality videos emerge online.

Madden 15 Videos From E3 2014

Game Intro & First Drive
EA GameChanger @SimFBallCritic has put up a 1080p video of the full game introduction and first drive between a Seattle Seahawks vs. San Francisco 49ers matchup. This is the first extensive video we’ve seen of the Madden 15’s intro and its subsequent early-game presentation. Commentary can also be heard loud and clear, and while the on-the-fly play-by-play is still a bit disjointed, there are clear bright spots in the NFL Films-inspired approach to presentation and the dedicated segments shine very well.

Designing a video game is not easy, and developing a video game based around real life is even harder. The work on presentation this year, at least from what I can tell, really paid off.

IGN’s Gameplay Demo & Discussion
IGN put up a video of the Madden 15 gameplay demo as they sit along side Madden senior producer Seann Graddy. The video does a good job of talking about what you’re seeing while you’re seeing it, and going over some of the new features. There’s particularly some good footage of pass rushing as well as the new camera switching that’s allowed. The video even shows the new matchup stick (also called the coach stick) which will illustrate matchup advantages/disadvantages live on the field from the player across from them.

More Seahawks vs. 49ers Gameplay
More gameplay from a first drive between the Seattle Seahawks and San Francisco 49ers. This one shows a more regular use of the match-up stick to pick out key mismatches on the field as well as some more play variety. Seattle’s defense appears so strong that I wouldn’t be surprised if Seahawks tickets went up just from playing Madden.

AntonDaBoss’ Walks You Through His First Quarter
Even though all the videos so far have been direct-source videos, it feels like this one is the best quality, or at least represents the game the best from a visual standpoint. This video shows some good footage from player lock on defense, as well as what it’s like to get fooled from that angle against the play-action — ouch!

Shopmaster Shows Player Lock Pass Rush
This is a very short, but good video from EA GameChanger and video game tester @Shopmaster that highlights an effective pass rush from the defensive player lock view. This shows both the new pass rush mechanics in action, along with the view that players will probably most enjoy playing with the most on the d-line.

Madden 15’s Half-Time Show in Action
This is the first look at the new half-time show feature in Madden 15, courtesy of VSNGaming. Frankly, it’s a bit underwhelming but it’s certainly better than what we’ve had in the past (which is nothing). I don’t particularly agree with using these sort of camera angles for half-time shows. I think actual views from your perspective during the plays might be better, but that’s just my opinion.

Defensive Gameplay From SimFBallCritic
SimFBallCritic is back with more footage of Madden 15 from E3, this time focusing primarily on the defensive side of the ball. He also plays around a bit with the new pre-snap camera controls depending on what position he’s playing with. SimFBallCritic always gives good feedback to game developers, and if you have the time to spare, you should check out his other videos.

Full Quarter From Shopmaster
This is the latest video we’ve found online, and it comes once again from Shopmaster. I actually think this is the best video available of Madden 15 gameplay right now, because it’s very slow and deliberate, consistently switching between camera angles and testing things out. If you want to see how the game plays this year, this is the best place to start.

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