Madden NFL 16 Primer: Why 'Draft Champions' Matters

Madden 25 May Have Expanded Role For Adam Schefter

I never played NFL Head Coach 09 (above), but now I wish I did.
I never played NFL Head Coach 09 (above), but now I wish I did.

It’s always a game of cat and mouse with EA Sports as we try to shine a light on the development of its latest Madden NFL game, but a tweet yesterday from Madden 25 creative director Michael Young may have saved us some batteries when he hinted at a new role for ESPN personality Adam Schefter.

It was Pastapadre that brought to our attention the tweet sent out by Young, which complimented Schefter on a hard day’s work during the Madden 25 development process. Just a year ago, the same sort of thing was done in regards to Trey Wingo, who turned out to do significant draft-day voice work for Madden 13’s Connected Careers mode, as well as playing a role in the game’s twitter news feed.

An expanded role for Adam Schefter would make a lot of sense for Madden 25, particularly considering he has a working history with EA. When NFL Head Coach 09 was released, Schefter and Todd McShay provided commentary on upcoming draft prospects to help create a more immersive experience for players. With Madden 25’s re-branded Connected Franchise mode being unveiled on May 20th, it wouldn’t be a huge leap to assume a similar role for Schefter.

While Madden 13 introduced a few innovative ways to emerge players in the league around them last season, its franchise mode was slowed down by a laborious menu system that required you to dig through pages of content just to see what how the rest of the league was doing. If Schefter is brought in to create a more immersive scouting or draft experience, it signals an increase in focus on connecting players with what’s going on around them, which is at the heart of any good franchise mode experience.

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  • cohara1103

    i can already see the reviews for this game….

    Madden 25 is a great edition to the madden franchise, it comes pack full of all kinds of brand new additions. they have brought back the icky shuffle the dirty bird and terry bradshaw comes out of retirement. these are really great additions, to go along with tewbowing, and tom landry’s hat from last years steller game. sure this game as its issues, but who cares about broken salary cap, not getting any info on free agents, not being able to move a ilb to outside; a guard to center, we have the dirty bird. All the new editions to madden 25 more than make up for its short comings.

    ive been reading that last line for 20yrs, and the hardened madden defenders have been saying for years “wait till next year”
    when is it going to be next year already?