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Madden 25’s All-25 Team is Lead By John Madden

Pappa bear has landed, and he's bringing the Cavalry with him.
Pappa bear has landed, and he's bringing the Cavalry with him.

Every day through August 10th, EA Sports will be releasing new names that will join the Madden 25 All-25 Team, an exclusive group of players that represent the best-of-the-best that the game has had to offer over its 25-year history, and today it’s coach John Madden.

It’s hard to surprise anyone with the announcement of John Madden as the coach for Madden 25’s All-25 Team, particularly when the guy’s name is on the cover of the game. Still, Madden is an excellent choice to lead a team of the game’s greatest, and there’s little denying just how influential he has been both to american football, and of course its premier video game.

The new All-25 team will be available in the “Play Now” mode of Madden NFL 25 this year, which means while you won’t be able to take the squad online (that sure wouldn’t be fair!), you can still batter around your buddies at home with potential names like Jerry Rice, or maybe even a Madden 2004 version of Michael Vick. Exactly who will be a part of the prestigious Madden 25 roster will be revealed daily over the next few weeks, so stick around and feel free to chime in with your own ideas below. Or, if you’re feeling adventurous, tweet us your best guesses @GoMadden on Twitter.

Madden NFL 25 All-25 Team Schedule

Coach: John Madden
Fullback: July 30th
Running Back: July 30th
Defensive End #1: July 31st
Defensive End #2: July 31st
Strong Safety: August 1st
Free Safety: August 1st
Cornerback #1: August 2nd
Cornerback #2: August 2nd
Kick Returner: August 3rd
Place Kicker: August 3rd
Punter: August 3rd
Quarterback: August 4th
Tight End: August 6th
Wide Receiver #1: August 6th
Wide Receiver #2: August 6th
Right Tackle: August 7th
Center: August 7th
Left Tackle: August 7th
Right Guard: August 8th
Outside Linebacker #1: August 9th
Outside Linebacker #2: August 9th
Middle Linebacker: August 9th
Defensive Tackle #1 August 10th
Defensive Tackle #2 August 10th

All About John Madden in Madden 25

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