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New Madden 25 Blocking Details Unleashed

It's unlikely blocking enhancements will do much to stop J.J. Watt.
It's unlikely blocking enhancements will do much to stop J.J. Watt.

There has been no shortage of Madden 25 info over this past week, and today is no different after another EA Sports Game Changer has unveiled some new information surrounding this upcoming season’s football game.

It was after the release of the new Madden 25 defense video that @SimFBallCritic went to the development team to ask for more detailed information surrounding this year’s blocking changes, and they provided him with plenty to share with fans.

Madden 25 Blocking Details

• Five new “pull block” animations.
• Eight new double-team interaction animations.
• Six new “reach blocks.”
• 20+ new pass block/pass rush interaction animations.
• New zone-step blocking interaction animations
• New lateral and vertical displacement animations for OL/DL interactions
• 30 new blocking schemes
• All-new pass blocking locomotion
• All-new open field targeting system
• Completely reworked impact blocks and decleaters.

Most notably on the list is the addition of 20+ new pass blocking/pass rushing interaction animations, which should create a much more varied feel to the trenches than we’ve seen in past Madden titles. I should also mention that while this list does talk about “eight new double-team” animations, we don’t yet know whether this only accounts for run blocking, or if it includes pass blocking as well. In the build Shopmaster played, double-team pass blocking didn’t appear to be present.

The necessity of double-team pass blocking is important to note, because it’s something that did not truly exist in pass blocking for Madden 13, and often times caused pressure from fewer pass rushers to be more effective than it should be.

The latest build expected to be shown at E3 in a few weeks will probably give us the best indication of what we’ll see this year in Madden NFL 25, beyond just its blocking. We’re a bit curious if the new “Switch Assist” feature in Madden 25 will impact the defensive line as well, for those times you may want to switch to the d-line and quickly pull them off the line of scrimmage.

What do YOU think of the blocking info for Madden 25? Tell us @GoMadden or below.

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  • Justin Njenga

    Hope blockers don’t run into you like they did in previous maddens!!