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Madden 25 Adds Champ Bailey, Deion Sanders To ‘All-25’

Throwing at Bailey is a bad idea, but the other side isn't any better.
Throwing at Bailey is a bad idea, but the other side isn't any better.

They are both widely regarded as some of the best cornerbacks in the history of the NFL, but it’s their contributions to Madden that will bring them back in premier form to play on Madden 25’s ‘All-25’ squad this season.

It’s the best of the best that Madden has to offer on the All-25 Team that is being assembled by EA, a team that will be fully playable in the “Play Now” section of Madden NFL 25 come release day. While selecting running backs and safeties might have been a difficult task for EA, there are few that will argue with the addition of Sanders and Bailey to lockdown the cornerback position.

The selection of Sanders and Bailey is great for Madden players, not just because they have excellent coverage skills (Sanders being insane), but great hands as well. The best way to create turnovers in Madden is to capitalize on mistakes made in the air, and Sanders and Bailey both are exceptional in that regard with 90 and 84 catch rating respectively.

All-25 Deion Sanders Ratings
“Prime Time shined in Madden ’95. Now he’s on the All-25 team to shut down wide receivers in Madden NFL 25”

All-25 Champ Bailey Ratings
“Madden 2005 was a good year for Champ. Now he patrols the secondary for the All-25 team in Madden NFL 25.”

Deion Sanders tried his best with Leon Sandcastle to sneak his way into the NFL over the offseason, and even got his own Madden card along the way. Now, it seems, he’s finally found his way back into the spotlight as he will play opposite of Champ Bailey on the impressively stacked Madden NFL 25 team. If you want a sneak peek at both Sanders and Bailey in their new uniforms, or if you just want to hear more about why they were hand-picked by the team, then check out the video below that was just put up online. And don’t forget to check back tomorrow as we learn who will be dominating on special teams.

Madden 25 Deion Sanders & Champ Bailey on ‘All-25’ Team

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