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Madden 25 Connected Franchise Details Delayed

Did 'Run Free' backlash play a part in the Connected Franchise blog delay?
Did 'Run Free' backlash play a part in the Connected Franchise blog delay?

The first details surrounding Madden 25 Connected Franchise were supposed to release today, however a last-minute delay appears to have pushed back the scheduled blog for two more weeks.

If the name “Connected Franchise” sounds vaguely familiar, it’s because it was first introduced in Madden 13, but by the name of Connected Careers. To help clear up confusion, or maybe just to be a bit more accurate, EA seems to have decided Connected Franchise is a much more fitting name going forward. However, it won’t be until May 20th that we know much more than that.

This year’s edition of CFM is expected to build upon much of the good work that was rooted in its prior installment, with early indications coming that a revamped XP system would play a role in thew new Franchise mode. It’s easy to speculate as to why details surrounding Connected Franchise were pushed back, but far be it from us to skip an easy road when we see it, so we certainly have our suspicions.

The initial details surrounding Madden 25’s Run Free feature were not received particularly well by the community, or in the very least it didn’t create the kind of hype that EA Sports’ might have been hoping for. Originally, the unveil of Connected Franchise was supposed to happen across two blogs, and the move to push it all into just one may be an attempt to create a stronger impression. If the running precision modifier and Connected Franchise are the only significant marketable upgrades to this year’s game, then it stands to reason that EA would want to make sure its Franchise blog doesn’t miss the mark.

But why, then, would they wait until the last minute to change their marketing route? It’s an oddity, for sure.

The first sneak peek into Connected Franchise will take place on May 20th, just before the E3 Expo. After that, there are only three more blogs officially listed on the feature reveal schedule, one of which we might know something about already, and another that appears to just be changes to Madden Ultimate Team.

You can expect more info to drop periodically as we get closer to the new NFL season, but for now, those are the only major points of info that we’re anticipating. Oh, and don’t expect to find anything about Madden 25 on the Wii U, because it won’t exist this season. I know, I know. Poor Neeenteeendo.

In the absence of the expected Madden 25 Connected Franchise details that were supposed to drop today, I present you with Janelle Monáe. Why? Because unlike Madden blog schedules, the booty don’t lie. That’s why.

Not Madden 25 Connected Franchise, But Not Bad Either

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  • cohara1103

    The one thing i would pay extra for is a gameplay mode you could call madden generations…………..where you could start playing at any year you want……. the retired players sued to be included in madden and be paid in 2010 why not do something like this……..drafting could pose an issue but why not just have the option of rewriting history or maintaining history…… as your self or play with the 70’s steelers 90’s cowboys 60’s packers etc and rewrite NFL history maybe you take an unkown and have him unseat jerry rice as the all time great or play as montana and make sure rice is the greatest all time………i just think the fun and replay value a lone would be worth some extra cash

  • madden from day1

    they should keep the franchise mode how it was before I play with 10 friends and we imported the draft from ncaa football last year was the first year we couldn’t do it and it sucked