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Sneak Peek at Madden 25 Connected Franchise Menu

Hopefully that "buy upgrades" button isn't nefarious.
Hopefully that "buy upgrades" button isn't nefarious.

A full and official blog detailing what’s new in Madden 25 Connected Franchise isn’t expected out until tomorrow, but we’ve already got a sneak peek of the main menu for the mode.

Connected Franchise was originally named Connected Careers when it was first introduced in Madden 13, however the confusion it created for long-time fans seeking the game’s franchise mode likely played a big role in switching back to its “franchise” roots.

There’s not much to see in the new screenshot preview, but based on its layout there’s plenty of room to speculate. The menu appears to be sliced into four parts: Home, Actions, Team and League, and each will likely serve a critical role for their purpose.

One might expect the “League” page to help players stay better connected to what’s going on around them with standings, league box scores, transactions and other things that are necessary to feel like you are a part of something greater. For the “Team” section, it would make a lot of sense to make game recaps, injury reports, depth chart, weekly game planning (fingers crossed) and other necessary options readily available. Madden 13’s Connected Careers mode had a pretty tedious menu system, which is why we wanted better menus in our quick list of things to change for next season.

We’ll likely hear a lot more about the menu layout and more in the upcoming Madden NFL 25 Connected Franchise blog due out tomorrow, but until then, the screenshot below is all we have to go on. We’re also hearing that @Shopmaster will have his own blog coming out tomorrow after EA’s official one, so be sure to follow him to stay up to date on that. CFM news is on the way!

Madden 25 Connected Franchise (First Look)

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  • Justin Njenga

    not bad

  • Fred Pirkle

    im hoping the RS button above John Harbaugh means switching between users… the fact that you could not do a mulit player franchise with friends in your own house killed madden 14 for…. it was unplayable

    • GoMadden

      Really smart observation! That would be fantastic.

  • Fred Pirkle

    looks like we are gonna get delayed again by EA for franchise information.