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What’s New in Madden 25 Connected Franchise?

Madden 25's Connected Franchise mode is coming. But what's new?
Madden 25's Connected Franchise mode is coming. But what's new?

Sifting through the enormous amount of Madden 25 Connected Franchise info that’s spilling out today is no small feat, but we’ve managed to put together a list of definitively interesting changes that we can all expect come this August.

It was earlier today that EA released a blog detailing the sudden revival of “Owner Mode” for Connected Franchise, but that’s not all there is to CFM this year. Quite a lot of tweaks appear to have been made to franchise this year, including game logic, transaction logs, progression tweaks and more.

Check out the list below to see what has changed that we care about in Madden 25 Connected Franchise, and be sure to mention anything we may have left out in the comments below. We could certainly use your help collecting all this information!

Keep in mind this is not a comprehensive list of all that’s new in CFM this year, just the things that we thought were worth highlighting.

Madden 25 Connected Franchise (What We Care About)

Custom Playbooks in Connected Franchise
For whatever reason, Custom Playbooks could not be used in CCM last season, but according to an EA Game Changer, they will be working in Connected Franchise. This is great (or scary) news for many of the online leagues floating about, but personally I can’t wait for it. Custom Playbooks were first introduced a couple years ago, and allowed players to make their very own playbook from scratch, choosing from all the plays available in the game. Custom Playbooks were originally released alongside Gameplans and provided players with very useful tools to set up their offense, however we don’t have confirmation yet that Gameplanning will be a part of Connected Franchise. We’ll get that information to you as soon as we have it.

Streamlined Navigation Menus
While it may not sound like a sexy change, the fact of the matter is the menu system in Madden 13’s CCM mode was very frustrating, especially in the free agency process and keeping up with what’s going on with the rest of the league. Now, everything appears to be separated between League, Team and Owner information, and they’ve even added a sorely-needed transaction log to the game. For offline players things like a transaction log are great, but for online leagues it’s simply essential.

Improved Trade Screen
There’s a new trade screen in Madden 25 Connected Franchise, and it includes a lot more useful information than it did before. Not only is salary cap info now available on the trade screen, but so are the needs of both teams, player age, roster size, key stats from the season and more. I do not see specifics regarding a player’s contract, however it’s possible that’s viewable upon selecting a player.

Full 32-Team Control
The ability to control every team in a franchise is now back in Madden NFL 25, which will certainly please fans of offline multiplayer who were essentially left for dead last season.

New Commissioner Tools
We don’t know exactly how extensive this will be, but EA made mention of it in their blog. Better commissioner tools would be very useful for online leagues, and we’re glad to hear it was specifically pointed out in the franchise blog. We’re currently looking to get information on this for you guys, so stay tuned.

Enhanced Trade, Draft and FA Logic
They didn’t get down into the important details surrounding this, but it was noted that the logic surrounding trades, draft and free agency has been retuned. For players in full online leagues this may not be all that interesting, but for the many players that play franchise mode with only a few friends, the enhancements will be a welcome addition.

NCAA Imports Are Back
A lot of NCAA Football players were jaded last season by the sudden removal of imports from NCAA and Madden. A lot of people buy NCAA each year with the expectation that they will continue their legacy in the NFL once Madden arrives, but that didn’t happen in Madden 13. It’s back in action, as it should have been all along.

Player Progression Has Changed
Player progression has been tweaked this year, moving away from the entirely goal-oriented system of before, to something a little more open-ended and similar to fantasy football. In short: Stats, not just goals, will play a part in weekly player XP. This is something we expected to happen, since Josh Looman brought it up some months ago. It should also be noted that according to @Shopmaster, older players will find it much more difficult to progress this year than previously.

New Coaching Levels
Coaching levels are moving from 1-4 to 1-30 (approximately) in Madden 25, and that has a pretty significant impact on things. Coaching levels essentially act as multipliers to traits that you purchase (like XP bonus to RE position). Coaching levels also affect goals that are found throughout the week, the season, and over a career.

We’re Not Expecting Random Drafts
While the exclusion of random drafts has not been confirmed yet, our expectations for it are tempered. Remember, Josh Looman essentially said a few months ago himself that random drafts in Connected Franchise were not very likely, and that maybe we’d see it at some point in the future. We’re still crossing our fingers that truly random draft classes find a way in this year, because it’s incredibly important for the integrity of online leagues.

There’s a New Owner Mode
As if you didn’t already know, there’s a new “Owner Mode” being introduced to Connected Careers. There’s quite a lot involved here, so we’ll leave this for another article entirely, but the short-hand summary is that you can now run a franchise from an owner’s perspective. Whether you are setting merchandise prices, dealing with the media, balancing fan happiness and more, players will be tasked with winning off the field as well as on this season. The owner meta game definitely is a welcome return to the Madden franchise.

Position Editing is Coming!
Position editing finally appears to be on its way to Madden’s Connected Franchise mode, but it wasn’t easy. Looman made note of what held them back from having it last year, what still plagues them today, and what workaround they’ve come up with to allow us to edit player positions going forward.

Enhanced Key Player Variance Hopes To Deter Cheaters
Madden 25 will try its best to curtail online franchise cheaters who utilize “draft guides,” by minimizing the accuracy of those guides with improved player variance. Unfortunately, we’re not talking about fully-randomized draft classes, but rather pseudo-random player branches that will make select players harder to pin down as “absolute star” or “absolute bust.” It won’t completely eliminate draft guides by any means, but it’s a start.

Listen to Game Changers Radio
The Game Changers podcast spent a lot of time talking about Connected Franchise with designer Josh Looman yesterday, and it revealed a bunch of interesting information. Check that out for more details.

These were all the major points of interest to me. I’ll update this with more interesting stuff as information becomes more available! We’re still looking into whether or not Gameplanning will work in Madden 25, what the deal is with the new commissioner tools and more.

What do YOU think of CF in Madden 25? Tell us @GoMadden or below.

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    seriously so happy multiple player franchise is back if what there saying is true… i can play madden again!!

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    • Chris Leach

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    Has anything been said about if you can voice chat in franchise lobby’s again??

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