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Madden 25 D-Line Ratings Explained

High block shed makes J.J. Watt a run-stopping monster in Madden 25.
High block shed makes J.J. Watt a run-stopping monster in Madden 25.

Continuing its series on Madden 25 player ratings, EA Sports has just released a new blog explaining what makes defensive linemen tick in the game this season, however once again they have elected not to reveal some of the more ambiguous ratings.

How does Awareness impact someone on the defensive line? If you were hoping to get that question answered in the latest Madden ratings reveal, you will probably want to look elsewhere, because it’s still nowhere to be found. Ratings czar Donny Moore was a bit sheepish about explaining what the rating does for each position on defense in a recent interview on Press Row, and he deferred fans to the ratings blogs that are slowly being released. And yet, those answers are still nowhere to be found.

While it’s interesting to learn precisely what the relationship is between PMV and pass blocking, the last two blogs detailing Receiver and now D-Line have not really been quite as transparent as we were hoping for. More ambiguous ratings like Awareness and Play Recognition have still not been adequately explained for the defensive line, while more obvious were ones were detailed to a greater degree. It looks like we will have to wait until Madden NFL 25 is out next week for more extensive testing to find out how some of those ratings work.

I think it’s safe to say if it’s not a primary rating for a position, it’s not going to be covered in the blogs. Which, I suppose, might say enough about the omitted ratings in its own way.

Madden 25 D-Line Ratings Explained

Power Moves (PMV)
• Determines win/loss/super-loss on power-move attempts, used vs. Pass Block rating
• Determines defender’s skill in executing power moves.
• Determines frequency and success of each move type (AI), used against finesse move rating
• Determines how long it takes a defender to use a power move and disengage from a blocker
• Determines chance of success of impact block vs. pass rusher (impact block = both players are running). Used with the Finesse Move Rating vs. Pass Block Rating

Block Shedding (BKS)
• Determines the suddenness of engaged moves and combines with player strength.
• Determines win/loss-chance of cut blocks in combination with physical ratings.
• Determines the success of run-block double teams.
• Determines a defender’s skill when rushing the passer without engaging a block. (<--- Huh?) • Determins win/loss in situations where both the defender and blocker are running (rolled vs. Impact Blocking). • High BKS reflects someone that is dominant against the run (Tackling needed to finish). More Ratings Explained: Quarterback | Receiver

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