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Madden 25 Defense Video Gets Tackled By NaVorro Bowman

The world's least secret mission. Also, a new Madden 25 video.
The world's least secret mission. Also, a new Madden 25 video.

It took a few days longer than we were told, but the new Madden 25 defense video has finally arrived, although it doesn’t break down much of the actual gameplay, it does show off a lot of new animations found in the game.

The release of new footage surrounding Madden NFL 25 should make this post all about that, but unfortunately an awkward series of delays has made the actual release of a video at all more of a story than what’s inside. We’re doing our best, though, to take something away from this video. We’re also doing our best to ignore Kwame.

The new minute and a half long defensive video showcases many new tackling animations and discussed the importance of approaching a tackle in different ways, as Trey Wingo sat down to speak with San Francisco 49ers linebacker NaVorro Bowman. If you’ll recall, Wingo also spoke with Doug Martin a bit earlier about running the ball in light of the new precision run modifier in Madden 25.

Among the features shown in the video:
• Improved Pursuit Angles
• Heat Seeker Tackling
• New Dive and Lunge Tackles
• Force Impact (Learn More)
• Revamped Hit Stick

While the video didn’t explain too much, the official blog post did, sort of. In particular, we thought this nugget of information surrounding a new “defensive recovery mechanic” was interesting and worth noting.

EA Blog: “Another way we’re balancing the defense is with a new defensive recovery mechanic. Often times in the NFL you’ll see a player overrun a play or miss a tackle, but immediately take steps to get back in the action. In Madden NFL 25, defenders can make the same hard cuts as ball carriers to quickly change direction and renew their pursuit. Speedy defensive ends and other high-agility defenders are even more valuable, as they can recover on plays and chase down runners on the backside. Defenders can also utilize the acceleration burst to close the gap on ball carriers and make a play before the runner gets into space.”

The addition of hard cuts on the offensive side of the ball is something that was mentioned as being very noticeable in UTC’s Madden 25 impressions from yesterday, so it’s good to hear that the defense will have similar access to the kind of movement skills that promise to make running with the ball more effective this year.

Fans that been waiting for two days for the promised Madden 25 defense video to arrive probably won’t be too thrilled with the level of depth discussed in the video, but I don’t think anyone should have expected much more than a highlight reel considering the video was not originally listed as part of EA’s “Playbook” series. We did really dig some of the animations though, including one that included a defensive back being dragged by the ball carrier in rather realistic fashion.

What do YOU think of the new Madden 25 defense trailer?

Madden 25 Defense Video With NaVorro Bowman

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  • Justin Njenga

    Hoping for the better angles to work, previous maddens ai players would use the worst angles to give runners more yards than they should have gained.

    • GoMadden

      They’re saying better pursuit angles, but I really have to see it. In every Madden ever made it seems, you can run backward and get every single defender on the field to follow you left and right step by step. It’s pretty absurd. Needs to not just be better pursuit angles, but better variance among approaches a player takes.