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New Madden 25 Defensive Video Expected For Today

No word yet on whether or not Titus Young thinks he can tackle better than the Packers.
No word yet on whether or not Titus Young thinks he can tackle better than the Packers.

There are a lot of things that go into making Madden 25, and today EA is expected to release a new video teasing the defensive side of the ball, just weeks after it first unveiled the new ‘Run Free’ feature for offense.

It was in a post last night on EA Sports’ official Madden NFL Facebook page that the new video was announced to be arriving today, however to what extent will be shown, we just don’t know.

The video coming out today could easily be a brief hype teaser, much like the original 53-second ‘Run Free’ video was, and may not actually include all too much gameplay info (with most the focus being on the end-result of what you’re seeing). It seems unlikely that a in-depth outline of defense will be shown today, as it was not on EA’s Playbooks blog schedule, but we’re still interested to see what’s waiting for us.

Among the features we’ve already heard will be making an appearance on the defensive side of the ball, is the new “heat-seeker” tackling method that will help players locate the ball carrier and make the tackle, as well as a new emphasis placed on squaring up before tacking a player head-on (whether it’s automatically built into animations, or if you must do it on your own, we don’t yet know).

A lot of people have complained in recent weeks about the words “heat-seeker” to describe a tackling feature in Madden, however players already had something similar in Madden 13, by holding down the “A” button to let the CPU take over. Even the dive button on defense gave plenty of leeway, by re-routing you in mid-air to make a tackle. Realistic? Maybe not, but the new feature coming out doesn’t sound like a far separation from what we’ve had over recent years. Madden 13 even introduced the “ball hawk” feature, which allowed you to simply hold down the “Y” button on your 360 and watch your defender not only reach up for a pass, but take the most direct path to get into the correct position.

There has been a clear focus on making defense easier to play over the last few editions of Madden, perhaps in an attempt to bring down the wild scores in a game that has historically been an offensive’s coordinator’s paradise.

We don’t have a timetable yet for when the new Madden 25 defensive video will release today, but when it does, we’ll be sure to let you know as it happens on @GoMadden. In the meantime, here’s Lindsey Stirling at the thrift shop to waste your time. And by waste, I do mean awesomely enhance. Merriam-Webster really needs to update its definitions to fit the way I like to use words.

Story Update #2: The Madden 25 defense video is now up online after a few days of delay, so go check it out!

Story Update: The official Madden NFL twitter is now saying that they’re not sure whether their originally scheduled defensive video will be ready to be released today or not, although it hasn’t been entirely ruled out for tonight.

Madden 25’s Defense Video Not Here Yet? Well, why not…

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