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Madden 25 Demo Could Be Set For August 13th

It may not be official yet, but it seems likely we have the date.
It may not be official yet, but it seems likely we have the date.

The release date of the Madden 25 demo may finally have been pinned down, as new words from Creative Director Rex Dickson have us expecting it to drop on the week of August 12th, and as many others have speculated, that likely means the Madden NFL 25 demo will be out on Tuesday, August 13th.

“Week of August 12th I believe…” said Madden 25 Creative Director Rex Dickson when asked about when we might see the new game demo, according to a new report from EA GameChanger website MyMaddenPad. If the week of August 12th is true, then it would seem likely that Tuesday would be the most likely timing of release if history can be used as any indication.

Last year the demo for Madden 13 was released on Tuesday, August 14th, and the year before that we saw the Madden 12 demo hit on August 9th, which is also a Tuesday. The second day of the work week is no coincidence either, as Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network releases updates to its respective online market places on Tuesdays, making it a preferred time to drop a demo release to satisfy both consumer bases.

While nothing official has been announced in regards to the Madden 25 demo release date, or even what teams would be involved, it can be safely speculated that at least one of the teams will feature a squad capable of effectively running the read-option, as the increased effectiveness of the play style is one of the features added to the game this year. EA might also want teams that have quality running backs for users to get their first taste of the new run-free precision modifier, which makes a 49ers vs. Seahawks collision a likely candidate.

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