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Madden 25 Demo Coming to XBL, PSN on August 13th

Russell Wilson is just one of four quarterbacks you'll get to play with in the M25 demo.
Russell Wilson is just one of four quarterbacks you'll get to play with in the M25 demo.

The release of the Madden 25 demo is something that many expected to happen next week, and now according to an official story from EA Sports, those rumors appear to be correct. The Madden 25 demo is set to arrive on August 13th to both the Xbox Live Marketplace, and PlayStation Store.

If you were wondering which two teams would be a part of this year’s demo, then you’ll be happy to learn that this year there won’t be just two teams to play with. Instead, EA is giving everyone access to four teams as part of two matchups, where you can play a game between the Seattle Seahawks and Green Bay Packers, or a Super Bowl rematch between the San Francisco 49ers and Baltimore Ravens.

The variety of teams will give players a great deal of room to test and play with new features in the game, and see how well certain attributes stack up against one another with the franchise’s enhanced game engine.

Also included in the demo is access to a portion of the game’s new Skills Trainer mode, which will let you practice things like the QB read-option with Russell Wilson or Colin Kaepernick, or even “Run Free” with the likes of Ray Rice to see how the game’s new running system works. With four teams to play with, access to a bit of the game’s Skills Trainer and two additional exclusive promo videos, it’s clear that EA wanted to give players a lot more to do in Madden NFL 25 than in recent years. A good demo release is important to EA right now, because we’re soon entering the difficult transition period to next-generation consoles, and it’s expected that sales for current-gen title releases will slack as a result.

With a good demo, EA wouldn’t just help pick up its sales, but also leave a good impression in the minds of players who may be considering picking up the game later on for the Xbox One or PS4. For some, the quality of the demo may even decide if they purchase right away, and grab the title for both console generations down the line.

Madden 25 Demo Sneak Peek

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