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Devin Hester Leads Madden 25 Special Teams Unit

The best Madden returner ever is returning in his prime form.
The best Madden returner ever is returning in his prime form.

What do Devin Hester, Adam Vinatieri and Shane Lechler have in common? Alright, they’re all special teams studs, but just as importantly they are all starting on Madden 25’s ‘All-25’ roster.

It’s hard to imagine a better returner than Hester to fit the starting job of Madden’s All-25 Team, which puts together the best Madden players in history to create one, definitely awesome team for this season’s “Play Now” game mode. Besides being the NFL’s all-time leader in return touchdowns, Hester also once possessed the first 100 speed rating, which is making a return once again.

As for the selection of Adam Vinatieri and Shane Lechler at the kicking positions, it’s hard to argue with someone like Lechler, but a very strong case could be made that Vinatieri is far from the best Madden kicker ever, especially considering the expected version of him possesses only 94 Kick Power. Most players are good enough after a couple of games to hit kicks pretty accurately, and the best kickers usually come down to kick power, which allow you to score points from further out.

At 94 KPW, Vinatieri is hardly a limp leg, but he’s certainly not the first selection I’d take of all time, especially when current players like Sebastian Janikowski were capable of booting nearly 70 yarders in Madden just a few years ago. Oh well!

All-25 Devin Hester Ratings
“Nobody returned more kicks for TDs in Madden 2008 than Devin Hester. His speed and elusiveness returns for the All-25 team in Madden NFL 25.”

All-25 Adam Vinatieri Ratings
“The greatest place kicker from Madden 2004 makes his way to the All-25 team. Field goals won’t be a problem in Madden NFL 25 for this guy.”

All-25 Shane Lechler Ratings
“Lechler boomed punts in Madden ’12. On the All-25 team, he helps to create field position in Madden NFL 25… if, for some reason, you can’t score.”

With the addition of Hester, Vinatieri and Lechler, the special teams unit for the Madden NFL 25 All-25 Team is all wrapped up, which currently puts the roster count at 11, minus coach John Madden. The special teams group will join the likes of Deion Sanders, Julius Peppers, Sean Taylor, Marshall Faulk and plenty more still to be announced, to create the most dynamic Madden team of all time. If you want to learn more about why the special teams group shaped up the way it did, then check out the video below that talks about each of the three new selections.

Madden 25 Special Teams Lead by Devin Hester

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