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Madden 25 & Doug Martin Team Up To Talk ‘Run Free’

One of these two men has a great stiff arm. No spoilers here though.
One of these two men has a great stiff arm. No spoilers here though.

It’s safe to say that the initial trailer release of the new Madden 25 ‘Run Free’ precision modifier didn’t go down so well with fans, but it probably had as much to do with just how much you couldn’t see in the first look, than what you could.

Just days after the first information surrounding Madden 25’s new precision modifier, EA Sports has followed up with another, more impressive look at the control flexibility at the disposal of this year’s runners (and receivers, for that matter). No, you don’t actually get to see the front-end of the control scheme, but you do get to see the end-results.

And boy, are they pretty.

Speaking with Buccaneers sophomore running back Doug Martin, Trey Wingo walks us through the importance of being able to have total control of your movements as a runner, particularly in the open field. Apparently, this year’s game is being expanded from eight moves, to a staggering 35+, although we’ll have to wait and see just how significant a difference that makes once we get our hands on the game in the coming months, and whether or not those skills will be split up among the NFL’s many talents (sounds like it).

Of course, we have our own type of modifiers we’d like to see in the game, but hey, we’ll take what we can get. Check out the full “Insider Look” at Madden 25’s “Run Free” modifier in action, and just be thankful our buddy Kwame isn’t anywhere to be found this time.

Madden 25 ‘Run Free’ Insider Look

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