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Madden 25 Feature List Schedule is Here

Madden 25 has some features to show you very soon.
Madden 25 has some features to show you very soon.

Madden 25 may still be a ways away from release, but according to a new feature unveiling schedule put up online, we could start seeing some of the changes in this year’s game right around the corner.

The new Madden 25 feature list schedule makes note of six dates that will unveil seven tidbits of info about this year’s game, including the second incarnation of EA’s Infinity physics engine, the new “run free” control system, “Connected Franchise” and more.

Along with the feature schedule that was announced comes a new Madden 25 screenshot (pictured above), which showcases Tampa Bay Buccaneers running back Doug Martin running through the Green Bay Packers defense.

Madden 25 Feature Schedule

April 24th — “Run Free”
“Tune in to the Cover Reveal on SportsNation on ESPN2 Wednesday, 4/24 at 8PM EST to find out who will be our next cover athlete and for the exclusive reveal of the Madden NFL 25 Run Free video.”

April 24th — “Infinity Engine 2”
EA shares some insight on the second go-around of its Infinity physics engine. The first version of the Infinity engine was used in Madden 13 to bring physics to the franchise for the first time.

May 6th — “Connected Franchise Part 1”
It appears Madden NFL is moving away from the term “Connected Careers” and embracing the name “Connected Franchise,” as this will be the first of two dates that will go into some of the details of what’s involved in this season’s CCM… err, CFM.

May 20th — “Connected Franchise Part 2”
The second of two parts unveiling Connected Franchise is scheduled for this date.

June 10-13 — E3 Expo
Alright, so this isn’t officially on EA’s feature list schedule for Madden NFL 25, but as Pastapadre astutely pointed out, the E3 expo is dead smack in the middle of all these feature unveilings. It wouldn’t be surprising to hear a lot more about the game at the event.

June 24th — “Madden Share”
We don’t quite know what this is yet, but we speculate it’s a part of the PS4’s new feature that will allow you to share your games with others. It would be intriguing if we found out some form of game sharing will be available outside of PS4, however.

July 1st — “Madden Ultimate Team”
Madden Ultimate Team has become an important part of making EA money post-title launch in Madden, so it will be interesting to see what innovations (if any) they can come up with. We’ll learn more about Madden 25’s take on the mode this July.

July 8th — “All-25 Team”
This appears to be some sort of commemorative roster that will be put together to celebrate Madden’s 25th anniversary. Or, maybe it’s something entirely different. We’ll have to wait to find out.

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  • fsda

    I really hope NCAA 14 comes out for the PS4 since it seems obvious that Madden will. The current gen version looks to be another dissapointment (still robotic characters, no improved line interactoin, etc.)