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Madden 25 Moving Forward With Formation Audibles

The days of going from Spread to I-Form numbered, my friend.
The days of going from Spread to I-Form numbered, my friend.

We’ve all been there before: You’re playing a game online, and your opponent is audibling in and out of formations to create mismatches that you simply don’t have the means to match up with. Fortunately, it appears those days are numbered as Madden 25 is adopting a new approach to audibles that is both deeper for offenses, and less frustrating for defenses.

In a new Quick Hits piece put out today by EA Game Changer Shopmaster, it was revealed that Madden NFL 25 would be adjusting its audible system to prevent players from jumping in and out of formations with global audibles, and instead allowing players to set up independent audibles for each formation in their playbook.

Shopmaster: “EA is getting rid of the 5 audibles that you set up for your playbook. Now I know what your thinking… but let me finish. No longer will you be able to pick a playbook and set your 5 offensive audibles like you have done in previous Madden NFL games, but instead you’ll be able to set up specific audibles based on your formation.”

With the new audibling system, players will have a deeper, more realistic and more varied system for calling plays on the fly, while also removing common “cheesy” tactics found in Madden 13 today, like audibling down from a five receiver set to get a wideout at running back or TE. The hope is that the new system will create a more fluid experience for players both on offense and defense, and rid the game of a problem that has existed for far too long.

According to the report, formation audibles will be editable within any playbook, whether it be custom or one of the pre-made playbooks available in the game. The change should be a welcome addition in the minds of sim players who prefer more realism, and for hardcore strategists that want more expansive play-calling options on the field.

We don’t yet know whether formation audibles will play a role on defense as well, but we’ll try to get that information for you as soon as we have it. It’s been a busy last few weeks in Madden, particularly because of the recent influx of Connected Franchise info that’s hitting the web, so it might take a bit to sort everything out.

STORY UPDATE: Since this article was published, Shopmaster has spoken with the development team about a more recent build of the game. In the newest build of Madden 25, audibles are not restricted by formation, but rather by personnel.

New info: “The audible system is now based on personnel and not formations. Meaning if you are in a Weak I formation you can audible to a Strong I formation. You can audible (shift) to any formation that contains the same personnel grouping that’s currently on the field that is in your playbook…. Same rules apply to the defense. No audibling from Nickel to a 4-3.”

I have to say I’m glad to see formation-restricted audibles were expanded to be based on personnel, however I’m disappointed that you will no longer be able to audible down from higher packages (such as nickel or dime) to 4-3. This was an important technique in Madden 13 because the removal of man assignments meant it was often difficult to get a defensive back on balanced tight end sets and key players in bunch formations, and the ability to audible up and down in formations on defense allowed advanced players to get better alignment for pass coverage.

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