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The FranTk Tech Behind Madden 25’s Franchise Mode

Career mode needed some new tools in recent years.
Career mode needed some new tools in recent years.

Putting together a brand-new Franchise mode over the last two seasons for Madden NFL wasn’t an easy thing for EA to do, which is why they enlisted the help of a new suite of technologies for Madden 13 that would ultimately lead to the advancements Madden 25 has awaiting for us.

In a new blog put out today by EA, much is discussed about the Franchise Toolkit that was put together to help aid the development of franchsie mode. The toolkit, known as FranTk (pronounced frantic), allowed franchise designers to “rapidly test and develop” new features in the game’s franchise mode, and helped to put lead franchise designer Josh Looman’s vision closer to reality.

EA Blog: “‘FranTk’ is a suite of technologies that allows the development team to rapidly develop and test new features of the game’s career mode, such as the flow of the mode, the behavior of the characters, and the logic that drives decisions made in the game. The technology allows our designers to create a data model of the NFL that includes the league’s hierarchy, player attributes and stats, and the behavior of everyone in the franchise. Defining how characters behave allows us to create a world that is far more alive and dynamic than ever before.”

Although not much more has been said about the technology suite, it’s encouraging to know that EA has put new tools together from the ground up to assist its development teams in re-writing the standard for career modes inside of football games. The utility of the tech will certainly be on full display come August 27th, as plenty of new franchise mode features will make their debut, including the much-discussed reinvention of Owner mode.

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