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Madden 25 Drops Info on Infinity Engine 2

Madden physics are about to get even better.
Madden physics are about to get even better.

We’ve been waiting for quite a while for significant info for Madden 25 to drop, and while we’re not quite at the time where in-depth blogs are being written about what’s new, EA has still put out some really interesting info about its physics engine.

The Infinity Engine was first introduced last season to try and incorporate a hybrid between physics and animations in Madden 13, and now it appears the Infinity Engine 2 will take things even further with Force Impact, Run Free, better blocking assignments and more.

Perhaps most intriguing of the additions we saw mentioned in the brief Infinity Engine 2 blog is the addition of something they’re calling “Force Impact,” which is expected to be a way of calculating collisions that finally respects the size and strength of the players involved. A true appreciation for a player’s weight and strength has been missing in Madden over the years, so it’s nice to see they’re further refining that part of the game. It also plays a role in bringing back some under-utilized abilities.

“Force Impact also affects stiff-arms, adding importance to an often under-utilized move. Tapping the stiff-arm button as a defender comes in to make a play is called a “physics punch,” where the ball carrier will quickly thrust his arm out and shove the defender. Holding the button makes the ball carrier hold his arm out and try to ‘wall off’ the defender and keep him at bay. Again, strength matters, as stronger players will have more success with their stiff-arms than backs who tend to rely on speed rather than power”EA Sports’ Madden 25 Blog

Deeper control over the running game, in fact, is also a key part of Madden NFL this year. As detailed further in the blog, they’ve also tuned the running game to what they’re calling a “Run Free” style of play, where enhanced player movement is now a part of moving the ball on the ground. This is made possible primarily by allowing players to make use of hard cuts, rather than forcing players to make awkward swerves when they want to make distinct angle changes.

We imagine the increased control over player cuts should also serve to make cutting back runs much more effective, which is a good thing considering Madden 25 is also boasting smarter blocking assignments by the offensive line, including what we call the “jeez, finally” feature of lead blockers now actually seeking out relevant threats, rather than chasing down defenders who are already out of the play.

There’s a lot more discussed in the full Infinity Engine 2 blog, so be sure to check out that out to get a deeper understanding of what changes we should be seeing on the digital field next season in Madden 25.

What do YOU think of the Infinity Engine 2 changes?

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