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Madden 25 May Be Adopting Quick-Twitch Interceptions

What do you mean bullet time wasn't "sim" enough?
What do you mean bullet time wasn't "sim" enough?

As if there wasn’t enough to talk about with Madden 25 today, a recent blog post by an EA Game Changer revealed that this year’s upcoming game may be intercepting an idea that’s long been a favorite of ours in the NCAA Football series.

If you’ve ever intercepted a pass in Madden 13, or any recent Madden for that matter, you’ll notice that time will actually freeze in a “look-what-you-just-did” manner while the camera swings around to the defender’s point of view, and play resumes. For some, that meant easier control over what they wanted to do next with the football, while for others, it meant seeing receivers instantly turn around to tackle DBs was all too normal.

If early play tests of Madden 25 are any indication, the slow-motion freeze time camera swing of the past will be replaced this upcoming season with something more like what we’ve seen in NCAA Football, where movement after an interception appears instantaneous and the camera swings around to chase the player along the way. While this could create some problems with running the wrong way initially, ultimately we’ve always thought it was a more effective technique that made after-the-catch interceptions much more dangerous and more likely to be taken to the house.

Not only does a quick-twitch interception system allow players to create big-time returns more easily, but it also creates the kind of shocking impact that an interception should have during the course of a game. As far as we’re concerned, if the new method to handling interceptions is anything like NCAA Football 13, then that’s good news for the Madden franchise.

Story Update: According to a new update on EA Game Changer Shopmaster’s initial story, there is in fact still a camera freeze for Madden 25. It’s an understandable error, however, considering how much info Shopmaster was likely trying to absorb during his play tests. Here’s hoping that changes by release date! You can still check out the differences between NCAA-style and Madden-style interceptions below to form your own opinion on what should happen in Madden NFL 25.

NCAA Football 13 Interceptions Look Like This

And for comparison… here’s a pick from Madden NFL 13.

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  • GoMadden

    I’ve been a big fan of NCAA Football’s approach to turnovers in recent years. It’d be great if Madden adopted something similar like this. It’s one of those little nuggets of gameplay that you don’t appreciate until you experience it, then you’ll never want to go back to freeze time.

  • USDAJets

    yea i wouldnt mind that change at all be good for madden to go to that

  • Shopmaster

    So it seems like now they are saying it does freeze like M13.