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Madden 25 Linebacker Ratings Explained

Von Miller has some explaining to do of his own.
Von Miller has some explaining to do of his own.

What makes a Linebacker good in Madden 25? A new blog from EA attempts to clarify that by digging into the details surrounding some of the position’s key ratings.

For the third consecutive blog in a row, Awareness has been almost completely ignored by EA’s ratings series, which is supposed to shed some light on how some of its more important ratings function for each position. Instead, EA opted to explain things like FMV for Linebacker (which could have been explained for defensive end), rather than something like Awareness, which has incredibly high numbers at the LB position (Patrick Willis has 95 AWR).

Despite the continued avoidance of what precisely some of the more ambiguous ratings do, there is still some interesting info gained from the latest blog about Pursuit, which it turns out does more than simply determine how effective your defender is at chasing down a player.

Madden 25 Linebacker Ratings Explained

Pursuit (PUR)
• Determines amount of time it takes to change direction while chasing the ball carrier
• Determines the chance for a hit stick when chasing the ball
• Determines how quickly a player update his pursuit path relative to the ball carrier
• Determines how quickly a player can break out of chasing the ball carrier
• Used along with Tackle and Awareness to determine the chance of a facemask penalty

Finesse Move (FMV)
• Finesse move-groups are: Spin, Swim, Hand Knock-Down, Speed Rush
• Determines the chance a defender gets flattened by the blocker
• Determines defenders skill vs. blocker’s skill for success of finesse moves
• AI uses FMV vs. Power Move rating to determine which move-set is used
• Determines the max time taken to perform successful finesse move
• Used in combination with PMV vs. pass block to determine who has the advantage when matching an Impact Block.

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