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Madden 25’s “Madden Share” Puts Focus on Community

Madden 25 just got a lot more social, and we're not talking about a Twitter feed this time.
Madden 25 just got a lot more social, and we're not talking about a Twitter feed this time.

We’ve known for a few months now that a new feature would be revealed today called “Madden Share,” but it wasn’t until EA’s official blog that we learned just how expansive the new feature is. For long-time Madden fans, it changes things entirely.

New in Madden 25 this year is an entirely new menu hub known as Madden Share, and it will allow the community to create and share everything from custom playbooks, rosters, game highlights and even CPU slider settings. It’s essentially a new social hub for community creations, and is far and away the most fan-engaging feature we’ve ever seen introduced to the Madden series.

Our old friends over at Prima Strategy helped break down what the new sharing system means for Madden fans, as they spoke with Trey Wingo during the feature’s new teaser trailer. The addition of a complete sharing hub for user-created content may not sound all that alluring to some, but as a long-time Madden player I can tell you that it’s certainly going to change the dynamic of the game.

Custom playbooks have been in Madden for a few seasons now, but they were so tedious to build and it took such a strong knowledge of what you were doing, that many people forwent the obvious advantages of custom offensive and defensive playbooks in favor of the traditional options available. Now, players will be able to download schemes shared by others and spend more time in the game, and less time at the drawing board.

There’s certainly a lot to talk about what this means for the online portion of the game, both good and bad, but that’s for another day. For now, check out Madden 25’s new Madden Share teaser video below, and let us know what you think about it in the comments below.

Madden 25 “Madden Share” Teaser Video

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