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Madden 25 ‘All-25’ Adds Marshall Faulk, Mike Alstott

Marshall Faulk is back to make defenders look silly in Madden 25, and he brought a friend.
Marshall Faulk is back to make defenders look silly in Madden 25, and he brought a friend.

In order to celebrate 25 years of Madden games, EA Sports is introducing a special team in Madden 25’s “Play Now” mode that will feature the best of the best to ever make their way to a Madden roster, and of course such a goal couldn’t be met without the inclusion of Marshall Faulk and Mike Alstott.

With John Madden pinned in as coach for the special All-25 team, and Faulk and Alstott in the backfield, the squad is already looking dynamic. Faulk, in fact, may be the most dynamic running back to ever play the game of football, and his 90 catch rating will certainly help establish that on the Madden field.

Alstott, too, was a bit of a uniquely transformative figure at his position of fullback, and now may be as good a time as any to see what size and power can do in the redzone with Madden’s new Force Impact system. On their own, the skillsets of Faulk and Alstott are enough to warrant a starting job on most any team, but when put together in the same backfield you have what appears to be a perfect blend of big-play and sure-thing ball carriers. Although I think you could have made a strong case for Adrian Peterson over Faulk based on what his ratings will likely be in Madden 25, it’s still a formidable duo as-is.

All-25 Marshall Faulk Player Ratings
“The centerpiece of the ‘Greatest Show on Turf’ in St. Louis, Marshall Faulk was the cover athlete for Madden NFL 2003 and he’s the perfect running back for the All-25 Team.”

All-25 Mike Alstott Player Ratings
“Though the fullback is not a particularly ‘sexy’ position in today’s NFL, Mike Alstott was a true beast in the backfield in Madden NFL 2000.”

If you want to know more about why the EA Sports team selected Marshall Faulk and Mike Alstott for Madden NFL 25’s All-25 Team, then check out the video below that was jut put online featuring commentary from ratings czar Donny Moore, familiar names like zFarls and creative director Mike Young. Remember, this isn’t a team that’s necessarily meant to portray the best ever in the sport, but rather the best to be reflected in Madden over the years.

The video even includes a sneak preview of the players in action in their new digs. Tomorrow, the team will unveil the dynamic duo that will play defensive end on the new squad, so be sure to check back tomorrow as more ghosts from Madden’s past are unveiled.

Marshall Faulk & Mike Alstott Join Madden 25’s All-25

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