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Madden 25 Has Michael Vick as Best Madden QB of All Time

There has never been a QB that defined Madden as much as this guy.
There has never been a QB that defined Madden as much as this guy.

Michael Vick may not have the credentials to be called the best quarterback in NFL history, but there’s plenty of reason to think he may have been the best that Madden has ever seen. Today, EA Sports enforced that theory with the selection of Vick to its starting quarterback role for the newly-announced Madden 25 All-25 Team.

When you think about what defines a great quarterback in Madden, much has changed over the many years and renditions of the game. Ever since Michael Vick showed up on the cover in 2004, however, one thing has always remained consistent: Speed dominates Madden at quarterback. The ability to make plays outside the pocket and pick up much-needed yards with your legs is almost an essential these days in Madden, and no one in history was better in that regard than Vick was back in 2004, when he completely re-defined the position in the minds of a lot of gamers.

The selection of Vick at quarterback for the All-25 Team is something we could see coming from a mile away, and even saw evidence to suggest as much in recent video releases, but regardless of how transparent the choice might have been, it’s still a fantastic one. With 95 speed, 97 acceleration and 98 throw power, 04’s Vick is as dominant a player as the position has ever seen, more so even then than now as the defensive AI was not able to deal with such a dynamic player on the run so easily.

All-25 Michael Vick Ratings
“In Madden 2004, it was almost unfair to use Michael Vick. His speed was unmatched and now he makes his way to the All-25 team to run wild in Madden NFL 25.”

With the addition of Michael Vick at quarterback, the All-25 Team is starting to shape up pretty well. Players like Marshall Faulk and Mike Alstott will man the backfield, while defenders like Sean Taylor, Deion Sanders, Champ Bailey and more will give offenses fits with their coverage skills. Throw in a great pass rush with the likes of Dwight Freeney and Julius Peppers, and all of a sudden you easily have the makings of the best Madden team of all time. Stay tuned, as even more players will be revealed over the next few days.

Madden 25’s All-25 Quarterback Michael Vick

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