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Madden 25’s New Hot Routes

Smoke screens? Flat routes? That's my kind of hot route system.
Smoke screens? Flat routes? That's my kind of hot route system.

One of the more interesting things learned about Madden 25 during E3 last week were changes and additions made to the game’s hot route system, and while we’re a little late talking about it, it’s easily one of our favorite features in the game this year.

Hot routes have been evolving in Madden ever since they were first introduced years ago, but the new hot routes in Madden 25 will be much more position-specific than ever before, allowing for much more creativity at the line of scrimmage and more realistic in-game scenarios.

EA Game Changer Shopmaster over on MyMaddenPad managed to catch up with Central Gameplay Designer Larry Richart at E3, as Richart explained what will be new this year in the hot route system, why anything changed at all, and what it will do for players. Among the new hot routes include: Comeback routes and smoke screens for outside receivers, slot receivers have hitch and flat routes, TE have a block-and-release and flat route, and running backs will have an option route and their own block-and-release.

If you want to test out many of these routes in advance to Madden 25, you can download the NCAA Football 14 demo that is now available, which shares many of the changes to the hot route system.

Designer Larry Richart Talks Madden 25’s New Hot Routes

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