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Madden 25 Gets “Owner Mode” For Connected Franchise

Madden 25's new "Owner Mode" will let you be like "Shad" Khan, or create your own legacy.
Madden 25's new "Owner Mode" will let you be like "Shad" Khan, or create your own legacy.

We’ve been waiting for quite a while now for the first big blog reveal for Madden 25 Connected Franchise, and today it has finally come. What’s new? Well, how about the ability to run an entire NFL franchise from the inside out?

Revealed in EA’s franchise blog today is the revival and reinvention of Madden’s long-missed owner perspective to running a franchise, and it appears to be much deeper than anything we’ve ever experienced in the series before.

With the new “Owner Mode” in Madden NFL 25, players will be able to restructure their team’s staff departments, handle merchandise prices, take on the challenges of fan happiness, deal with the media and everything else you might expect an owner to be involved in. You can take on the role of established owners currently in the NFL, or you can create your own legacy from the ground up.

It’s not enough to be a winner on the field, it’s also about being a winner off the field and developing a storied franchise with Owner mode. Players will be able to keep track of their team success, popularity, staff ranking, stadium ranking, concessions, merchandise and ticket sales all in one place, complete with advisors to tell you how you’re doing in each area.

Similar to Connected Franchise’s coaching option, it appears there are three starting personas for newly-created owners: Former Player, Lifelong Fan & Financial Mogul. Each owner persona will come with it its own set of positive and negative consequences, intended to give you different routes to accomplish the ultimate goal of becoming a flagship franchise in the NFL.

Check out the gallery surrounding the new Madden 25 Owner mode below, and then be sure to watch the short teaser trailer following it. There’s much more to be talked about with Connected Franchise, as well as its new Owner mode heading forward, so stick around as we dig deep into all the latest info.

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Madden 25 Owner Mode Trailer

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  • GoMadden

    Glad they brought back and reinvented owner mode. Anything that adds depth to CFM I’m a fan of. It’ll be interesting to see if online leagues are willing (or able) to adopt Owners instead of just coaches, and how that might impact 32-team leagues, if at all.