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Complete Madden 25 Player Ratings

Patrick Willis is one of many players detailed in the full player ratings.
Patrick Willis is one of many players detailed in the full player ratings.

The complete offensive and defensive player ratings for Madden 25 has finally been revealed, as EA has just put out a new spreadsheet detailing every player on all 32 teams this season.

Earlier this week we saw the full offensive player ratings released, and now the defense has joined the party just in time for the weekend. For those who own EA Season Ticket passes, Madden 25 will kick off this Friday, while everyone else will have to wait until launch day next week, on August 27th.

Now that the entirety of the Madden NFL 25 player ratings are available to check out, it’s time to comb over your favorite teams and see where you stand this season. Remember, there will still be a launch-day roster patch that will include a more up-to-date listing of players for each team, but for the most part we’re looking at a pretty final list. EA will of course update its rosters throughout the season.

Personally, I’m not a big fan of the way they released the ratings this year, so if I can find the time I’ll try to put this together in a format that’s much easier to read. For now, however, you’ll have to check out the spreadsheet below in order to see the ratings.

Madden 25 Player Ratings (Complete)

You can find the full player ratings spreadsheet right here, for the time being. Use the tabbed system at the bottom of the spreadsheet to select a team.

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