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Madden 25 Expects To Add Position Editing

Player position editing is in the works for Madden 25.
Player position editing is in the works for Madden 25.

Player position editing is something that players really wanted in Madden 13, and according to Madden 25 Connected Franchise designer Josh Looman, it’s making its way to next season’s game.

The ability to draft and convert players to new positions is something that is a big part of the NFL, but in Madden it’s been difficult to recreate the experience in franchise mode, due to player position restrictions that prevent you from making the conversions you want.

It was in a discussion on Game Changers Radio that Looman spilled the beans on player position editing in Madden 25, and also clarified why it wasn’t available in the game last year. Apparently, there was a lot of conflict with weekly or seasonal goals that made it technically difficult to alter the positions of players in Madden 13, but the team has found a savvy workaround that seems to be working at the moment.

Josh Looman: “We sat down, I sat down with my dev team and my engineers, and I really tried to rack my brain and talk to them and figure out if there is any place in the season where we could allow you to edit player positions that wouldn’t break anything… The solution we came up with that seems to be fine up to this point, is that once you get to the offseason and your goals are basically completely wiped out… during that period only, we’re going to open it up and allow you to edit players, and this year we’re going to allow you to edit player positions.”

By limiting position editing in Madden 25 to the offseason, the development team has found a way to get around the goal conflicts that plagued them in the past. Don’t expect to be able to go too wild with the feature, however, as Looman noted that it will be “somewhat limited” to prevent things like converting a receiver to punter, and just calling fake punts all day.

No changes can be made, however, until after the first season. After that, every offseason can see player position edits.

The fact that you will only be able to edit player positions in the offseason will also act as a balancing factor, which will make the decision making process much more impactful and prevent less willy-nilly changes that would serve to undermine the NFL experience. It’s also important to keep in mind that any time between now and release, a critical bug may pop up that could cause a feature like this to go away. For now, however, Looman is saying position editing is looking good for Madden 25.

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