Madden NFL 16 Primer: Why 'Draft Champions' Matters

New Madden 25 Presentation Changes Revealed

A lot of new presentation changes were just revealed.
A lot of new presentation changes were just revealed.

If you’re a Creative Director of Madden 25, you’re probably a bit bummed that there isn’t a Playbook series out right now highlighting all the changes you’ve made to the game this year, but Michael Young assures us there’s plenty of it in a recent podcast interview with VSN Radio.

Among the many new changes and additions made to Madden NFL 25, Young made mention of a new sideline reporter that has not yet been revealed, as well as confirmed an expanded role for Adam Schefter that will feature all the things he was involved in last season with the Twitter feed and breaking stories, but also now with draft commentary.

Other interesting enhancements noted include the advancement of the Connected Franchise website, which promises to be much more functional as well as the addition of Commissioner tools for online leagues, although Young wasn’t able to expand on what the latter feature would entail exactly.

For a more exhaustive list of what topics Madden 25 Creative Director Michael Young spoke about, you can listen to the full interview over on VSN. Alternatively, OperationSports has put together an excellent bullet list of the things that stood out to them during the broadcast. For something even quicker, we’ve put together a list of five things that we thought you wouldn’t want to miss.

• Sideline Reporter (more info later)
• More realistic replay system (real camera locations, some play-specific angles)
• Adam Schefter draft commentary (Schefter’s role compared to what he had in Head Coach 09)
• Connected Franchise website improved (more functionality promised)
• Stadium sounds re-done (more stadium-specific chants, sound tracks)

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  • Justin Njenga

    wish they would implement a half time show like 2k5’s since they have the rights to espn

    • Mike Campolattano

      Yeah they should be ashamed they have had the license for ever and for some reason wont use it.

  • Mike Campolattano

    I want to be able to be a free agent coach in franchise. Why do I need to retire if I dont get a job one year. I should be able to site out if I dont like the jobs.

  • Alex Chyra

    Wish they would bring back fantacy draft!!!! Please!