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Fresh Look at Madden 25 Presentation & Gameplay

Madden's new gameday presentation looks as good as ever.
Madden's new gameday presentation looks as good as ever.

I’m not sure how we missed it, but just the other day a fantastic new video was put up online that gives us a better look at Madden 25 presentation and gameplay than any of the footage that has popped up online prior, and it runs for nearly twenty minutes with a newly-created player.

The new video footage was recorded by YouTube user MELOZADA55, who was gracious enough (and lucky enough) to take everyone into a game of Madden 25 for an entire quarter, complete with a look at the new camera angles, player celebrations, gameplay animations and presentation changes for the new season. If you look carefully enough, you can even see the new personnel audibles system and hot routes at work.

Perhaps the most notable thing in the video is the enhanced between-play presentation, which cuts in, out and around the action much better than in year’s past. I particularly liked the echoing sound of the in-stadium announcer broadcasting the play-by-play to the fans, while the touchdown celebrations seem like they need a bit smoother or quicker transition in order to feel more authentic than they appear now.

If you’re interested in seeing more Madden 25 gameplay, or just want to understand how the presentation side of things has shaped up, then check out the video below courtesy of one very kind gentleman. This is by far the best video online right now that shares a look at the upcoming game.

Madden 25 Presentation & Gameplay Video

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