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Don’t Expect Madden 25 To Have Random Drafts in CCM

This is the only time we like random in our Madden games.
This is the only time we like random in our Madden games.

The introduction of Connected Careers was a big step up for the franchise side of Madden this past season, but don’t expect one of its most-needed features to be a shoe-in for the mode once Madden 25 makes its way to shelves.

This past weekend Madden 13’s Lead CCM Designer Josh Looman took to Twitter to look for ideas on possible tuning changes for the mode, and while he made a list of ten he thought were worth highlighting, there’s one in particular that he didn’t sound so sure of: Truly randomized draft classes.

In the current rendition of CCM, there are a total of 30 pseudo-random draft classes that players can draft from. We say pseudo-random because while story arc players can alter a bit from class-to-class, the draft pools are still largely the same.

While Looman’s response doesn’t completely rule out the idea of random drafts in Madden 25, it’s certainly not comforting that its potential introduction is merely a “maybe” at “some point” in “the future.” While single-player CCM still has a large amount of replayability without random draft classes, it’s a matter-of-fact that online CCM is fundamentally broken without it. If you don’t think that’s true, then you probably don’t realize what’s going on around you.

Because online CCM drafts are not completely random, it only takes a few seconds of researching online to find out the entirety of a given draft class without a single bit of scouting. This means in true online leagues, honest players are forced into a cheat-or-be-cheated scenario. This isn’t just an inconvenience, it entirely defeats the scouting and drafting process, which is a massive part of Connected Careers. We even mentioned this on our list of six things CCM could use next season.

Truly random, or at least more random draft classes than we have now are critical to the integrity of co-operative CCM play, and without it the mode breaks at its very foundation. I hope this is something that receives more attention during the next development cycle, and isn’t simply brushed under the rug as a “that would be nice” feature. You cannot have a a multiplayer experience based on an honor system and expect it to work for anything other than the tightest-knit leagues.

Do You Know How CCM Draft Classes Work?

There are 30 draft classes in CCM, and they operate in a loop. Your first draft is randomly chosen from the list of thirty, and then continues onward from that number until it loops back around. So for example if your first draft class was randomly selected to be “class #8,” your class next year would be #9, then #10, all the way through #30 and then it will loop back around again until it gets back to #8. Players who want an edge in online CCM leagues can plan their entire roster a decade in advance… yikes.

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