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Madden 25’s All-25 Adds Randy Moss, Gates… And Who?

Finneran was a great Madden player, but was there really no one else?
Finneran was a great Madden player, but was there really no one else?

When EA Sports decided to put together a team of the best Madden players in history and make it playable in the “Play Now” section of the upcoming Madden 25, we knew it would be filled with odd players. We didn’t, however, see this one coming.

If I asked you to pick the best TE in Madden history along with two of its best receivers, no one would be surprised at all to hear you mention the name Antonio Gates, or Randy Moss, but what about Brian Finneran? Who? Yeah, former Atlanta Falcons receiver Brian Finneran will be ling up next to Randy Moss as the “other” best receiver in Madden history.

With the pick of Finneran, it’s clear that EA is trying to base the selections to its All-25 team on a player’s skills relative to the field at the time. Which means, while players like Calvin Johnson should seem like an obvious choice, someone like Finneran seems to have snuck in and taken his spot with inferior ratings just about everywhere, from speed, to catching, release to spectacular catch. Oh, and did I mention Finneran boasts an impressive 85 speed? Yeah, sort of a weird pick if you ask me.

Much of the selection seems to be based on the fact that Finneran was the primary beneficiary of having Michael Vick at quarterback in Madden 2004, so players using the team targeted him often, but that seems like an odd and arbitrary criteria factored in for selection. I think EA tried to go too far with trying to make this selection look different from your standard group of legendary players, and in doing so passed over a more worthy players at receiver. Granted, in Madden’s past height and jump was almost everything on a player, and Finneran has that in spades, but it still wasn’t everything. Someone like Terrell Owens from the same game would have been a better pick.

All-25 Brian Finneran Ratings
“Wide receiver Brian Finneran brings his Madden 2004 skillset to the All-25 team for Madden NFL 25.”

All-25 Randy Moss Ratings
“Wide receiver Randy Moss torched defenses in Madden 2009. One of the greatest, his place on the All-25 team is solidified by his speed and ability to catch almost anything.”

All-25 Antonio Gates Ratings
“From Madden 2010, tight end Antonio Gates’ soft hands and physical dominance make their way to the All-25 team.”

With the skill positions all wrapped up, the only thing left for Madden to reveal are the big hitters and big men. Tomorrow, EA will reveal the starting Center and tackles for the squad, and then on the 8th the rest of the interior line will be unveiled. After that, it’s on to the linebackers and D-line.

Madden 25’s All-25 Receivers & TE

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