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Madden 25 Player Ratings We Learned During The NFL Draft


The 2013 NFL Draft is nearly over, and while many fans are still combing over the numerous YouTube clips and stories surrounding their new rookies, we’ve been going over some of the ratings that have been slipped out online by Madden 25 Ratings Czar Donny Moore.

In total, about ten players had parts of their ratings revealed by Moore on Twitter, and while that doesn’t necessarily mean they are the same ratings we’ll see in the game, it does say something when the guy who actually puts the player ratings together starts spitting out some numbers.

The following is a summary of some of the comments made by Moore during the 2013 NFL draft. Whether it’s Dee Milliner, Tavon Austin, Eric Fisher or Knile Davis, there’s plenty of players that were discussed by the Madden 25 Ratings Czar over the past few days, and we expect there will be plenty more to be talked about in coming days as well.

Madden 25 Player Ratings We Learned a Bit About

New Orleans Saints S Kenny Vaccaro was described by Donny Moore as the “best safety in the class,” which doesn’t help us very much as far as precise ratings go, but it is still interesting to know his view on who the top prospect at the position is. Expect Vaccaro to carry the highest OVR for a rookie at safety.

New York Jets CB Dee Milliner will be “80+ OVR” this season, including “90+ SPD” to go along with his impressive rookie rating. It should also be noted that rookies who were over 80 overall last year in Madden had a much better chance of having traits like Superstar, or Quick.

Arizona Cardinals OG Jonathan Cooper will be “82+ OVR” and have at least 90 impact blocking, at least according to Moore’s analysis. In all likelihood this should make Cooper one of the best offensive linemen taken in the draft, as you typically don’t get all that much higher than 82 as a rookie.

Philadelphia Eagles OT Lane Johnson didn’t have any overall ratings revealed, but Moore noted that his impressive 4.7 speed should put him in the “78-81” range as far as that goes, which would make him one of the fastest offensive tackles in the game. I imagine he’d be a popular player to kick inside as a pulling guard as a result.

Kansas City Chiefs OT Eric Fisher was described as being 80+ OVR, which isn’t a huge shock considering he was the first pick taken in the draft.

Kansas City Chiefs RB Knile Davis has not made a good impression on Moore, who described him as someone who “has speed but no wiggle” and is “all fumble.” In Madden terms, you can expect that to mean he has poor agility (or elusiveness if not agility) and an unhealthy carry rating. The latter, of course, may be the most compelling argument to keep him on the sideline aside from Jamaal Charles himself.

Jacksonville Jaguars OT Luke Joeckel will also be 80+ OVR, and just like Fisher, no one is really surprised here. As the second pick in the draft and one of the few consensus top talents this year, this one we could have figured out on our own.

Buffalo Bills WR Marquise “Flash” Goodwin put up the fastest 40 time at the combine this year with a 4.27 showing, and Moore took notice by describing him as having “96+ SPD” in this year’s game. Keep in mind that Moore said “96+” meaning at this time, 96 is just a likely bottom floor.

Oakland Raiders CB D.J. Hayden will have “90+ [speed] for sure” in this year’s game. Hayden was one of the top CB prospects in this year’s draft, and considering fellow prospect Dee Milliner will be “80+ OVR,” you can expect Hayden won’t be too far behind.

St. Louis Rams WR Tavon Austin did not have any ratings revealed by Moore, but he is largely believed to be the most dynamic player in this year’s draft. And, as a bonus, he was described as “the single most exciting rookie” with the hashtag “#thehumananalogstick” so, yeah, my guess is he’ll be pretty darn athletic. Think Sproles or Spiller-like acceleration and agility.

Who do YOU want Donny Moore to notice from your team’s draft?

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  • Erik Griffiths

    EJ Manuel better have decent ratings, I hope Madden doesn’t fall for some of the draft speak like “area code accuracy”