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Press Row Talks Madden 25 Ratings With Donny Moore

Donny Moore & Press Row? You know this one will be good.
Donny Moore & Press Row? You know this one will be good.

We’re only a week away from Madden 25, and the incredibly busy ratings czar Donny Moore found some time to speak on the Press Row Podcast about everything that goes into his job, and the players you get excited about every season.

The chat with Moore lasted about an hour, and is one of the more in-depth talks we’ve heard of with Madden’s ratings man in quite some time. From what Madden was like in the beginning, to where we are now, there was certainly plenty to talk about.

One of the more interesting things I took from Moore’s interview on Press Row, was that Linebackers and Safeties received big increases to Man and Zone Coverage. This was a big deal last season, because some of the best coverage linebackers and safeties in the game were at a mismatch in man against even mediocre tight ends last season, which made the best TEs incredibly powerful. This sort of balancing is a clear sign EA was listening to players this offseason.

You can check out the full interview below hosted by Rich Grisham (@RichGrisham), as well as a quick recap of the discussion we’ve put together in case you don’t have the time right now to listen, but still want to pick up on some of the more interesting bits of info.

Listen to the full interview right here.

Madden 25 Ratings Talk With Donny Moore

– Offensive Line and Cornerback most difficult positions to evaluate (few go-to stats for analysis).

– Man and Zone Coverage for LB and S got big increases this season.

– WR run blocking received decreases on the whole (to make the best run blocking receivers stand out better)

– Madden’s Play Recognition is typically used over Awareness for Play Action plays.

– RB Alfred Morris one of the biggest ratings jumps from the start of Madden 13 to the start of Madden 25.

– WR Randall Cobb could quickly be in the “90’s conversation” if he starts off the season with a few good games.

– Zach Sudfeld (72 overall) and Kenbrell Thompkins (69 overall) have been created for the launch-day patch.

The following is a list of the most important ratings for each position, as ranked by Donny Moore’s preferences.

– Quarterback (Throw Power, Deep Accuracy… helps a lot when you can threaten deep)

– Running back (Speed, Carrying)

– Fullback (Run Blocking, Impact Blocking… which is second-level blocking)

– Wide Receiver (Route Running, Speed)

– Offensive Line (Pass Block, Run Block)

– Defensive End (Acceleration, FMV/PMV… the higher of Finnesse and Power will be used for pass rushing)

– Defensive Tackle (Block Shedding… also guys like Geno Atkins are extremely valuable for their pass rushing)

– ROLB (PMV/FMV because of their role as pass rushers)

– LOLB (Tackling, Zone Coverage)

– MLB (Hit Power, Tackling… to create turnovers and stop the run reliably)

– CB (Man Coverage, Speed & Jump… to stick to receivers and win more jump balls)

– FS (Zone Coverage, Catch rating… turnovers!)

– SS (Tackling, Zone Coverage/Hit Power)

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