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Madden 25 Receiver Ratings Explained


What exactly makes a good receiver in Madden 25? In an on-going effort to be more transparent with its ratings, EA has released a new blog outlining some of the key ratings in the game for the wide receiver position, and while it’s not particularly earth-shattering info, it’s still interesting to know.

Madden ratings and their usefulness are something that have been debated for years within the community, with some benefits being oh-so-obvious, and others being a bit more difficult to discern. When it comes to receiver, the impact of things like route running and catch in traffic are self-evident, but you might not know the little things they do, like ensuring you don’t slip in harsh weather for the former, or fumble so easily when hit after a catch for the latter.

In total, only RTE, CIT and SPC are discussed in the blog, which unfortunately leaves out some of the more ambiguous ratings that I think people would have liked to see cleared up, like Awareness. The only thing we know for sure Awareness did in last season’s game, is determine how far into a route a receiver had to be before his pass icon was visible and he could be thrown to without missing the ball.

Madden 25 Receiver Ratings Explained

Madden 25 Route Running (RTE)
• Determines fake out chance when cutting against man coverage.
• Determines the amount of time it takes the receiver to adjust to the ball in the air.
• Determines the sharpness of cut moves in the routes.
• Determines the chance of a receiver slipping in wet weather conditions.

Madden 25 Catch in Traffic (CIT)
• Used against hit power to determine the chance of a hit stick on a receiver.
• Used against zone coverage and man coverage to determine the knock out chance when tackled during a catch.
• Used in combination with the Carry rating to determine the fumble chance when a defender hits a receiver after a valid catch.
• More important for positions like TE, that operate in limited space.

Madden 25 Spectacular Catch (SPC)
• Makes plays that you otherwise aren’t supposed to make.
• Includes things like one-handed catches (which sometimes adjust to poorly thrown passes… not official, but inference from experience).

Madden 25 Awareness (AWR)
*Awareness was not outlined in EA’s blog. The following is based on what we know from Madden 13, some or even most of which we expect will carry over this season.
• Shortens the time until the receiver’s target icon is lit up. Throwing a pass before an icon is lit up can cause a receiver to “miss” a pass that he doesn’t see coming.
• Important for positions like TE, which often rely on quick slant or streak passes.
• Receivers are always aware at the key point of their route (the break on out routes, the turn on curls etc), regardless of awareness.
• Not important for deep balls (those 99 speed guys with no awareness going deep have plenty of time for their icon to light up).

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