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What on EARTH Did Madden 25 Do To Russell Wilson?

I don't think that's the ring he wanted.
I don't think that's the ring he wanted.

While there are a lot of different reasons to get hyped up about Madden 25 this year, looking at a newly-designed model of Seattle Seahawks QB Russell Wilson certainly isn’t one of them. That is, unless you’re a big Captain Planet fan.

I have no idea why Madden 25’s Russell Wilson looks like Kwame from Captain Planet, but maybe the art team was doing their work from NCAA Football’s new coordinator camera view. That, or they have an intense (but understandable) addiction to one of my favorite 90’s cartoons.

It was in a new blog where two new screenshots of Wilson were released to the public, and I have to tell you the second one I’m hiding from you looks like he has some issues to work out before leading a team on the digital football field.

With all that said, I’m really excited to play with Kwame this season. I imagine the ability to move the earth will have its advantages in short-yardage and redzone situations. And remember everyone, the power is YOURS… to hurry up and share this until it gets fixed. Although it’s not like they have the licensing rights to keep Kwame in the game much longer anyway.

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  • Iown You

    They made him look like Tarvaris Jackson. Madden team is literally clueless.