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Madden 25 Picks Sean Taylor & Brian Dawkins For ‘All-25’

Don't believe me? Just ask McCoy.
Don't believe me? Just ask McCoy.

What do you do when you are EA Sports and tasked with the challenge of deciding on two of the best video game safeties in history for Madden 25? You select FS Sean Taylor and SS Brian Dawkins and call it a night, that’s what you do.

While it may seem unusual to see a tandem of the best safeties in Madden history and not see the name Ed Reed, it actually makes quite a lot of sense. When EA Sports decided to put together the All-25 Team with the best players of Madden’s past, they made the distinct decision of basing the team on Madden, and not merely NFL credentials. In that regard, it’s hard to think of a better tag-team than Sean Taylor and Brian Dawkins.

Taylor, as you will surely remember, tragically passed away back in 2007 after being shot by intruders in his Miami home. Just as quickly as Taylor was rising in the ranks of NFL safeties, his life was snatched away from family and friends. The impression he left on the league is one that will stick with many NFL fans for years to come, and the impression he left on Madden was clearly enough to put him into serious consideration for the best free safety in the game’s long history.

All-25 Sean Taylor Ratings
“From Madden 2006, free safety Sean Taylor makes his presence felt in the secondary for the All-25 team.”

All-25 Brian Dawkins Ratings
“From Madden ’99, strong safety Brian Dawkins makes his presence felt in the secondary for the All-25 team.”

It’s clear that the EA team selected Dawkins and Taylor for their exceptional versatility, with both players known during their careers for their ferocity and range on the field. If you want to see these two back in action again, you don’t have to wait until Madden NFL 25 later this month, as you can watch a new video put out by EA below that not only explains the selections for the All-25 team, but shows some footage of them on the new squad.

Madden 25 Sean Taylor & Brian Dawkins on ‘All-25’ Team

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