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Madden 25 Seattle Seahawks May Be Among Best Ever

These two are a big reason why the Seahawks are so dangerous in Madden.
These two are a big reason why the Seahawks are so dangerous in Madden.

It’s not uncommon to hear phrases like “the best ever” when talking about football and games, and while there are certainy plenty of teams that will challenge for such a title, there are few people that would argue that the Madden 25 Seattle Seahawks could find themselves in that conversation.

In the Madden NFL universe, there has always been a bit of a disconnect between what makes a player good in the ratings, and what makes him good on the digital field. While that gap has been closing faster than ever as previously-insignificant ratings have become more and more important, there are still certain positions and qualities that are king in Madden, and the Seahawks have those two essentials in spades.

Even though we’re still likely a few weeks (or even days) away from the full Madden 25 player ratings reveal, it’s already clear that one team looks head-and-shoulders better than the rest, and possibly even the best we’ve seen in quite a while. Whether it’s the mark of perhaps the league’s best cornerback, one of the sport’s most dynamic quarterbacks, or the game’s fiercest of runners, it seems that every position you turn to, the Seattle Seahawks are loaded with talent.

Madden 25 Seattle Seahawks Key Players

QB Russell Wilson: It was obvious during the 2012 NFL preseason that there was something spectacular about Russell Wilson, and that not only parlayed into a starting job in the regular season, but the performances that followed helped put him in position to be one of the best quarterbacks in Madden today. Wilson has a rare blend of speed, acceleration, throw power and accuracy at the quarterback position, which makes him a threat in every aspect of the game, and a weapon on the field at all times. There are only perhaps two or three other quarterbacks in the game you might prefer to have in Madden over Wilson, and even then that’s up for debate.

HB Marshawn Lynch: If this was a few years ago, a player like Marshawn Lynch might be interesting, but considered nowhere close to an elite running back in the game. After strong back-to-back seasons in the NFL however that earned him some serious love on the ratings side of things, and with the addition of the game’s new precision running modifiers, this may be the year that Lynch breaks loose in Madden. Power backs will see a surge in effectiveness in this year’s upcoming title, and Lynch isn’t only one of the strongest (if not the strongest) backs in the game, he’s also pretty fast to go along with it (ending with 92 speed last season). There are very few runners in Madden that have a combination of speed and strength at any position, and to have it in a position that touches the ball as much as running back is an extreme advantage for Seattle Seahawks players.

CB Richard Sherman: There might not have been a better cornerback in the game last year than Richard Sherman, who locked opponents down with 97 press rating, kept them covered with 98 man coverage and picked them off with nearly 80 catching and 97 jumping. Sherman was able to shut down almost anyone in Madden this past season, and there’s plenty of reason to believe he’ll be even better next season, both in Madden and in the NFL. Sherman’s ability to play the run will even be better highlighted this time around, as his season-ending mid-80s awareness will have much more use now that many ball-carrier maneuvers will be rolled against the awareness of the defender to decide whether or not they create separation. Having a true number one cornerback to frustrate an opponent’s best player is a necessity in Madden, and few, if any, are better at that job than Sherman.

CB Brandon Browner: As if it weren’t enough that the Seahawks already had Sherman, Brandon Browner is also one of the best cornerbacks in Madden, thanks to his 6’4″ frame and 87 man coverage that is sure to get even better next season. Browner is stout in press coverage and allows Madden players to take away receivers on both sides of the field if necessary, but he’s also excellent in zone coverage (93 last season) which means when combined with his 80 catching, he can create a lot of turnovers on the fly for those looking to get creative on defense. Browner could easily be a low-end number one on a lot of Madden teams, but on the Seahawks he’s moved to CB#2, which means he often has the matchup advantage in every game you’ll play this season.

CB Antoine Winfield: For Madden fans, when the Seahawks picked up Antoine Winfield in free agency it meant one thing: Press coverage. Sherman and Browner are already excellent in press, but when you throw in someone like Winfield into this unit, who finished with 95 press of his own last season, then you’ve got some serious ability to jam receivers at the line. While Winfield’s man coverage rating won’t “wow” anyone, his zone coverage, press and tackling skills make him a force to be reckoned with in the slot. Winfield is an excellent tackler, and the 97 awareness he finished with last season would look great on the Seattle squad considering how much it will help against the running game in this year’s game. If you looked around the league for a great run-stopping press-coverage corner with some sick zone skills, you wouldn’t have to look far before you decided on Winfield.

FS Earl Thomas: Thomas is the epitome of a good Free Safety in Madden, primarily because he has the athleticism necessary to let user-controlling players wreck havoc on the field. When the Madden 13 season ended, Thomas had an overall rating of 93, with 93 speed, 93 agility, 92 acceleration, 94 zone coverage, nearly 80 catching and 92 jumping. Whether you let the computer control him or handle him yourself, it’s hard to get too much better than Earl Thomas at FS in Madden. The nearly-80 catching of Thomas also can’t be understated, as that gives the Seahawks three starting defensive backs around that area, making them a turnover machine if players aren’t careful with the football. Turnovers win games, both in Madden and in the NFL, and Thomas is usually a big part of that.

SS Kam Chancellor: While Chancellor may not have the speed and play-making range of someone like Earl Thomas, he doesn’t need to. With Sherman, Browner and Thomas controlling the field, that frees up Chancellor to do what he does best, which is play the role of an enforcer. The 84 speed that he ended up with last season may be a bit slower than you’d like at the position in Madden, but he makes up for it with excellent tackling (82) and hit power (93). If you were building an ideal Madden team on defense, you would try to make sure that every player on the field had the ability to create turnovers, and for Chancellor that comes with his hard-hitting run-stuffing skillset. He’s a great role player that provides something to the defense other than just coverage ability, and in that enforcer role he’s one of the better in the game, and I expect that will be the same in Madden 25, too.

WR Percy Harvin: The acquisition of Percy Harvin may turn out to be one of the best receiver pickups in free agency in recent memory, and in Madden it’s even better. Harvin was a beast in Madden 13 last season, with 96 speed, 98 agility and 98 acceleration that made him not only a threat to go deep at any moment, but a serious playmaker on special teams. Harvin’s 97 elusiveness (which we don’t expect will go down) also means he will be an excellent player to throw screen passes to in Madden 25, which is something the game has boasted will be much-improved this time around (even including smoke screens as a default hot route available on any play). In terms of actual receiving skills, Harvin is no slouch there either, as he racked up catch after catch when he was healthy during the season, and it helped bring his catch rating up to 91, route-running to 87 and spectacular catch to near-90s territory. Harvin gives the Seahawks something they didn’t have last year, a true #1 receiver, and you can expect it to pay dividends in Madden NFL 25.

MLB Bobby Wagner: This guy might just be the second or third best user-controlled linebacker in the game, and if not, he’s certainly in the conversation. Wagner is an insane MLB to be user-controlled in Madden, because of how athletic he is combined with some very sound fundamentals. Last season, Wagner had 89 speed, 86 acceleration and 81 agility while also maintaining 72 strength and an unbelievable 92 jumping. Throw in 94 tackling, 91 hit power and 70 catching, and you can quickly see why Wagner is a turnover machine in Madden that’s worth starting and usering on almost any team. In an Online Franchise league where you can improve players over time, Wagner may even be one of the most valuable players in the game.

OLB/DE Bruce Irvin: While his overall rating didn’t necessarily reflect it, Bruce Irvin was an insane specimen at DE during his rookie season, and one of the more coveted players at the position in online franchise leagues in Madden. Now, the team is looking to move him to outside linebacker, where he’ll have an opportunity to shine even more. Irvin finished last season with 90 speed, 84 agility and 94 acceleration, and when you now consider those ratings are on a linebacker, you realize just how fast this defense is going to be in spots. While some may prefer to leave him at DE due to his 95 power move rating, his new official home will be outside linebacker, and that’s where he’ll really be useful in Madden with all the creative things you can do with him. This means the Seahawks don’t just have one of the best user-controlled linebackers in Madden, they have two of the best.

DE Chris Clemons: Clemons may not be the best defensive end in Madden, but last season he was certainly worth mentioning and following his third-consecutive season with over 11 sacks, he’s got the ratings to back it up. Clemons was not overly fast last season (80 speed) or strong (77 strength), but he made up for it in many other facets of the game. With 92 acceleration, 94 pursuit, and 92 awareness, Clemons was a great defender to keep those mobile QBs in check, while his 97 finesse move meant he could still generate pressure at times when it was needed. We may see Clemons’ ratings slide if he starts the new season slow while returning from his ACL injury, but for at least the start he’s a key part of what will make this team so strong in Madden NFL 25.

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