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Madden 25 Ultimate Team Details Online Seasons

Madden 25 is introducing a new way  to play Ultimate Team.
Madden 25 is introducing a new way to play Ultimate Team.

When we first heard about the new Madden 25 Ultimate Team, we noted it was pretty light on the details when it came to the online seasons aspect of the mode. Now, EA Sports has released a blog to help clear up some of the mystery.

In the short-but-informative blog post put up yesterday regarding Madden Ultimate Team’s Online Seasons, we learned not only how the season side of things will work, but also what some of the incentives are for continuing to play.

“You’ll earn coins for each game you play in Seasons. More coins are awarded for outstanding performances, such as winning by lots of points or accumulating many yards of offense. Milestones such as earning a playoff berth or winning the bye are also accompanied by coin rewards. At certain milestones in later levels, you’ll receive a reward pack that contains a Premium collectible that helps you get some great items such as unique alternate jerseys. You’ll always receive an additional reward pack for winning the Super Bowl.”

Each season will consist of ten games and a four-round playoff, with the chance to earn a bye week with enough wins during the regular season, and it’s all online against other human players, with games played entirely at your leisure (either all in one day, all in one week or whatever schedule works for you).

After every full season you’ve completed, you’ll have an opportunity to be promoted to a higher level with better rewards, or even demoted back down a level depending on how your performance over the “year” went. It’s a great idea to an already uniquely interesting game mode, and would appear to work as a fine medium between Online Connected Franchises that require a lot of time and effort, and general head-to-head play which can sometimes feel purposeless when all is said and done.

Madden 25 is set to release on August 27th of this year for the Xbox 360 and PS3 (sorry, no Wii U this time), with copies developed for next-gen consoles to appear later this year.

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