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First Madden 25 Videos of Real Gameplay at E3

Our first look at live Madden 25 gameplay.
Our first look at live Madden 25 gameplay.

There’s a lot to learn about Madden 25 at E3, but there’s no way to learn that’s quite as effective as watching for yourself, which is why we’ve rounded up some of the earliest gameplay videos from around the web.

There are two different versions of Madden to be found at E3 this year, the first for current console systems, and a more limited look at a second for the next-gen game that will be covered by Adrian Peterson. The next-generation title will also feature some key differences to separate it from the current-console iteration.

Check out below to see the many Madden 25 E3 videos from around the web, provided by places like IGN, Pastapadre, MyMaddenPad and more. Expect more videos like these to be found online in the coming days, but until then, enjoy the collection of clips we’ve put together below.

Madden 25 Gameplay Videos

Madden 25 Video From IGN (Next-Gen)

Madden 25 Vikings vs. Seahawks

Madden 25 Halftime With Sideline Reporter

Madden 25 Lions vs. Ravens

Madden 25 Bills vs. Redskins

Madden 25 Redskins vs. Bengals

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  • fsda

    As you can clearly see, the game is still animation based rather than physics based, even on next gen consoles. Look at around the 2:00 min mark in the first vid and you’ll see AP barely get touched on his right side, yet he flies back 5 yards in the wrong direction. In many of the tackles there is warping and sliding to get in the place for the correct animation to take place. Too bad people are too stupid to understand that these problems are never going to change as long as sheep purchase the same game every year.

    Also, the pursuit angles are still abysmal. Look at around the 6:40 min mark. Every defender goes straight to the ball instead of where the ball’s going, just like in current gen, which people have been complaining about for literally almost a decade with no fix (I wonder why). At the 6:40 mark this problem causes AP to get a touchdown instead of just a decent gain.

    • GoMadden

      Games will always be animation based. Physics, even in the Backbreaker tech, are only involved in collisions. Animation-based actions are important in sports games, because many players move differently, or uniquely. Being able to replicate those movements with mo-cap is better than generic movements that may be technically accurate depictions of physics, but technically inaccurate representations of the style of a player.

      As for the graphics, from everything I’ve heard Madden doesn’t seem to “pop” on next-gen like some other titles. Keep in mind, however, that you’re talking about the first iteration of a game on next-gen. Think back to what the first Madden looked like on the Xbox 360, to what it ended up looking like today, and you’ll notice that even with roughly the same hardware (the 360 actually has seen its hardware get slightly better over time), the then-and-now are very different.