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Madden Devs Picked an All-25 Team Over a Year Ago, And It Looked Like This

Are these the players EA is waiting to reveal?
Are these the players EA is waiting to reveal?

The announcement of the new All-25 Team for Madden 25 may seem like something that EA only started working on recently to celebrate Madden’s anniversary, but according to an old article, they’ve had a pretty good idea who they wanted on the roster for over a year.

Earlier today while I was browsing through some older Madden articles, I noticed one in particular that looked curiously similar to what we’re seeing unveiled now with Madden’s All-25 roster. In fact, it’s practically identical. At the start of 2012, ESPN’s Jon Robinson spoke to EA about what would be the “Madden” Dream Team, and as you might expect, it’s starting to look just like the roster that has yet to be fully unveiled.

According to the article that was released over a year ago, Madden devs picked the following players to be a part of its “Madden” all-star team. Some were listed as potential starters, while others were named as mentionables that have since been learned to be starters (Sean Taylor, for instance). Keep in mind, some of these players likely won’t be confirmed since they might exist as depth and aren’t necessarily a part of the big reveal process. By and large however, the list seems pretty on point with what has been revealed so far.

Madden “Dream” Team Roster

Warning: Considering how accurate these have been so far, a lot of these selections will probably be spoilers. If you don’t want the All-25 picks to be revealed early, then just wait until after August 10th to check back and see how well this stacks up with the selections.

QB: Michael Vick — Confirmed
QB: Peyton Manning — TBA
HB: Marshall Faulk — Confirmed
FB: Mike Alstott — Confirmed
TE: Antonio Gates — Confirmed
WR: Randy Moss — Confirmed
WR: Brian Finneran — Confirmed
WR: Jerry Rice — TBA
OL: Steve Hutchinson — Confirmed
OL: Walter Jones — TBA
OL: Orlando Pace — Confirmed
OL: Jonathan Ogden — Confirmed
DL: Dwight Freeney — Confirmed
DL: Warren Sapp — Confirmed in screencaps
DL: Bruce Smith — TBA
DL: Jameson Konz — TBA
LB: Ray Lewis — Confirmed
LB: Patrick Willis — TBA
LB: Frankie Nax — TBA
CB: Deion Sanders — Confirmed
CB: Champ Bailey — Confirmed
CB: Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie — TBA
S: Brain Dawkins — Confirmed
FS: Sean Taylor — Confirmed
K: Adam Vinatieri — Confirmed
P: Shane Lechler — Confirmed
KR/PR: Devin Hester — Confirmed

The most notable parts of this list include the absence of Julius Peppers and existence of Bruce Smith. It’s possible Peppers plays defensive end, and players like Bruce Smith move to OLB, although I’m not so sure. Smith also wasn’t a part of Madden 13’s Canton Greats, which leads you to believe there may be some kind of issue with acquiring his likeness for the game, although he did appear later on in MUT cards. Also interesting is LB Frankie Nax, who was actually a generated player in franchise mode from years ago that is widely regarded as the best linebacker ever in the game, and would seem like a perfect addition for the feel EA is trying to create with the team.

Oh, and of course there’s too many offensive tackles named here, as EA didn’t seem to spill the beans on all of its interior line at the time. We’ll have to wait and see just how much of this stays the same as EA releases more names for its Madden NFL 25 All-25 team over the next few days, but so far so good it seems.

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  • Shace Holdu

    Derrick Brooks was also confirmed in screen caps.

    • MrDangerousD

      Nice catch! I thought I saw Polamalu too (apparently as a backup). Not sure who else has that hair that would be on the squad.

      • Shace Holdu

        I saw Polamalu as well, that hair is unmistakable.