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Madden NFL Fans Have a Headset: MVP Carbon

There's a New EA Sports-themed Headset Around The Corner
There's a New EA Sports-themed Headset Around The Corner

Madden NFL just got a little more interesting today, as EA Sports announced a partnership with Monster that will produce a sports-themed gaming headset that works with everything from Xbox 360, PC, PS3, Wii to Wii U.

Known as MVP Carbon, the new headset by Monster has been seen in both a white and black edition, and was unveiled at CES 2013 in Las Vegas earlier today. For those that don’t know, the Consumer Electronics Show is an annual technology trade-show that highlights new innovations and products heading into the market.

EA Sports VP of Brand Marketing Chris Erb couldn’t wait until he got on stage to show off the new headset.

Don’t expect it to be cheap, however. As with most true gaming headsets, this one is expected to cost you quite a penny, with listings at $269.95. In my own experience, a good headset is hard to come by (I’ve been through three Steel Series 5H’s), so this will probably be on my to-try list. You don’t have much time to save up either, as it will be available as early as February of this year. Monster’s founder Noel Lee even had a few words to say about it:

“Anyone who spends a lot of time involved in the intense world of gaming knows that a truly great pair of headphones can make all the difference, both in terms of performance and sheer fun. To develop this unique premium product, Monster could not have a better partner than EA SPORTS. Their insight and expertise into exactly what features and capabilities will benefit gamers most was invaluable in the development process. The result is a new type of headphone that not only provides a much more intense listening experience for gaming – but delivers even more surround sound impact for music and movies as well…”

While this is Monster’s first shot on the gaming side of the audio business, it looks like a good sign that they’re already teaming up with major players in the industry like EA Sports. Special edition Madden NFL or FIFA versions just around the corner? Might be some licensing hurdles, but I’m crossing my fingers.

If Monster sounds familiar, it’s because they put together the insanely popular Beats headset before parting ways last year with Beats Electronics. How do I know it’s popular? My little sister has some, and I let her tell me what’s popular these days.

Update: Monster’s new MVP Carbon is now available on Amazon!

Monster’s Black and White MVP Carbon Headsets

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