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Madden NFL 15 Best MLB Ratings: 49ers Dominate

The San Francisco 49ers have a monopoly on the best MLBs in the game.
The San Francisco 49ers have a monopoly on the best MLBs in the game.

Madden NFL 15 ratings for the best middle linebackers in the game have been revealed, and if you’re a San Francisco 49ers fan it’s time to rejoice, because your team has the first and second best players in the game.

The new Madden NFL 15 ratings for the best players at each position are being revealed every day in accordance with the ratings release schedule from EA SPORTS, and today is the day linebackers get their due. Yesterday, defensive tackles took all the attention, but now it’s the men who have made their careers behind the big guys.

Picking out the best linebackers in the game is certainly no easy task, but ratings czar Donny Moore somehow managed to do it this offseason, and put together a list of the highest rated players at the position, which you can find below. So, who made the top five? Expect a lot of red and gold.

Madden NFL 15 Best MLB Ratings: 49ers Take Top Spots

San Francisco 49ers star linebackers Patrick Willis (96 overall) and Navorro Bowman (also 96) are no surprise to see in the top five together in Madden NFL 15. Both Willis and Bowman are considered absolute forces at the position, and play a big role in the continued strength of the 49ers defense. Coming in right behind them and closing in fast, however, is Carolina Panthers MLB Luke Kuechly (94 overall). Heading into only his third year in the league, Kuechly has secured himself among the best linebackers in Madden with his superb athleticism, expert fundamentals and extreme instincts. Kuechly is a serious candidate to dominate the top MLB rankings for years to come.

Closing out the top five best Madden 15 middle linebackers is a tie between New England Patriots defender Jerod Mayo (91) and Kansas City Chiefs veteran Derrick Johnson (91). Both players slipped a bit from their previous ratings (93 and 94 respectively), however some of that might have to do with EA’s focus on creating greater differences among player ratings this year.

Patrick Willis (96 Overall)
Madden 15 Patrick Willis ratings
SPD: 90 (2nd) / STR: 88 (1st) / AWR: (94) / TAK: 95 (3rd) / HIT: 97 / BSHD: 89 (2nd) / PUR: 97 / MCV: 74

NaVorro Bowman (96 Overall)
Madden 15 NaVorro Bowman ratings
PUR: 98 / BSHD: 95 (1st) / PMV: 83 / TAK: 99 (T-1st)

Luke Kuechly (94 Overall)
Madden 15 Luke Kuechly ratings
TAK: 99 (T-1st) / PUR: 99 / PLAY RECOGNITION: 99 / BSHD: 84

Jerod Mayo (91 Overall)
Madden 15 Jerod Mayo ratings
Zone Coverage: 81 (8th) / TACKLING: “Top notch” (93 last season) / 87 (8th)

Derrick Johnson (91 Overall)
Madden 15 Derrick Johnson ratings
SPD: 85 / AGI: 85 / ACC: 90 / AWR: 93 / TAK: 94 / PUR: 98

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  • Hands10

    Where the hell is Paul Posluszny?!?!? He led the NFL in solo tackles with 122, 2nd in combined tackles with 162, 11 PDef 2 Int 1 TDs & 1 FF last year & he has a overall of 82 and 87 in tackling!!! Really??? He played better in Patrick Willis, NaVorro Bowman, Jerod Mayo, and Derrick Johnson. At the very least he should have a 90 overall and 95 tackling!!! Give credit where credit is due, I don’t care if he is on a the Jaguars or not he played excellent this year! Give him what he deserves!!!

    • combine

      actually Luke kuechly led the league in tackles