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Madden 15 May Have “Something Cool” For LOB

Richard Sherman has brought the LOB back into the discussion.
Richard Sherman has brought the LOB back into the discussion.

There is no Legion of Boom on the cover of Madden NFL 15, or even on the cover of the Ultimate Edition of the game, however a new interview with Richard Sherman on indicates that something is still on the horizon for the notorious Seattle Seahawks secondary.

“I pushed, but they just couldn’t get it done,” said Sherman in an interview with TDdaily about his attempt to get the Legion of Boom on the Madden 15 cover. He would continue “But they got something pretty cool that they’re going to do. Everybody will get to see it.”

Don’t Get Too Excited Just Yet

Unfortunately, due to the vagueness of Sherman’s response, it’s unclear whether or not the “something pretty cool” in store for the LOB is even related to EA and Madden NFL at all, or if it’s some other, unrelated opportunity that they are taking a part of, such as a group cover on a popular sports magazine. If Sherman is indeed talking about the LOB in regards to the Madden universe, then he could be talking about their own commercial hyping the game, as EA has featured numerous NFL stars in curious commercials over recent years.

As it stands, we have no idea whether or not the LOB’s upcoming opportunity has anything to do with Madden, but the fact Sherman made such a claim in the context of a discussion about the Madden cover gives some hope for something unique on the horizon featuring the LOB. At this point, it seems a special edition of the game with the LOB on the cover is unlikely, but who knows.

In the words of Sherman: “You’ll see it when it comes out. It’s going to be pretty cool.”

With the first Madden 15 ratings just weeks away, and Connected Franchise and MUT details still to come, there’s going to be quite a lot to learn about Madden NFL 15 in the coming days, so stay tuned here on GoMadden, or follow us @GoMadden on Twitter.

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  • Brandon Ragland

    As long as they fixed the defense to a whole, I don’t need a ultimate edition. Just wish they would fix the fag d issues tho. Like whatever set you come out in, you have to rush those linemen unless the play you choose drops them back. High hopes for next year I guess.

  • patriotsk1d

    EA is always so set in there ways. I wish someone else would come out with a game willing to adjust to what the fans and players want. LOB deserved the cover.

  • coltsrockjcr

    A few LOB members on different teams now and last year was last year. just let it go..