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10 Ridiculous Cover Re-Dos For Madden NFL 15

You will never look at the Madden cover the same again after this.
You will never look at the Madden cover the same again after this.

If you are reading this site, then chances are you’ve already seen the Madden NFL 15 cover art that has many media and fans asking the same question: What on earth were they thinking? While the cover has grown a little bit more on me in recent days, it will never look the same to me again after what I witnessed today.

The funny dudes over on the NeoGAF forums took a particular interested to the Madden 15 cover art this past week, as pages full of members used poor Richard Sherman to sharpen their photoshop skills. The result? Quite possibly the best collection of Madden cover re-dos that you could ever hope to find online.

In no particular order, here are ten of my favorite Madden 15 cover re-dos from NeoGAF. Sorry Sherm, I had to. They had to. EA left us no choice.

Madden NFL 15 Cover Re-Dos

YOU SHALL NOT PASS… an oblong ball in his general vicinity.

DON’T YOU MOVE… ok, they’ve crossed. Hurry up now.

THIS EXPLAINS THE DREADS… better than anything else.

WELL, THAT ESCALATED QUICKLY… this probably violates all kinds of NFL rules.

THEY’RE BOTH FILTHY RICH… with swagger to spare.

IT’S TIME FOR MADDEN KOMBAT… thanks to a huge ESRB oversight.

FINISH HIM… with the most OP move in video game history.

OH GOD NO… I had forgotten about this guy and I liked it that way.

STOP RIGHT THERE… you criminal scum. This is no place for you.

WAIT, WHERE’S #10?… That’s where you come in! First, grab the official box art, then share your creation in the comments below. What can you come up with? Bonus points for anyone that can fit a Bruce Lee yellow track suit on the cover corner. Heck, it would probably be a better UFC game than the new UFC game is.

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  • boomNation

    hahaha. i bol when I saw the skyrim one at the end

    • camtheman1

      lol, me too. they could have done a better job with it tho his head is all hangin out

  • 999Bronco

    get those guns out of sherm’s hands, he aint no thug!

  • drewdat

    lol +1 for the scorpion one.

  • HuffDuff1988

    blahhh i wish i was any good at photoshop i would love to make one for this