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Madden NFL 15’s Best Defensive Duos Revealed

Identifying the best duos in Madden is easy. Picking just one is hard.
Identifying the best duos in Madden is easy. Picking just one is hard.

We’re just few months away from the release of Madden NFL 15, and starting yesterday Madden rating czar Donny Moore is letting slip some new info regarding player ratings, in the form of the top defensive duos in Madden 15.

There will always be some debate as to which pair of players at a position group is best — one that continues to rage on in the NFL — but Donny Moore made it simple by delving into some of the ratings advantages possessed by some of the players. While all of the Madden 15 ratings revealed are a bit general, they do help illustrate what EA regards as some of the best players in the game.

Keep in mind this is not my list, but rather the list compiled by Madden 15 ratings czar Donny Moore. I know EA staff reads this site on occasion, however, so feel free to post your thoughts in the comments below, rather than blowing up Moore’s poor Twitter!

Madden NFL 15 Best Defensive Duos

What defensive duos are the best in Madden 15? Check out our summary and opinion on EA’s list below, and then remember to answer the poll at the end to decide for yourself. There’s a lot of great players on this list, so I imagine this will be tough to decide.

(DE) J.J. Watt and Jadeveon Clowney

Jadeveon Clowney JJ Watt Ratings

If you had to come up with the best pair of players on defense in the league, you wouldn’t have to think too long until these two emerged up front. While Clowney is only just a rookie, the expectations for him are that of a once-in-decade prospect. Both Clowney and Watt are absolute athletic freaks, and neither have even hit their prime yet. It will be absolutely scary to see how these two evolve together over the years.

Watt possess an array of 95+ ratings for Power Moves and Block Shedding (not a complete shocker here). Meanwhile, Clowney appears to be more notable for his excellent speed for the position, and high acceleration to get off the snap. Great acceleration will be particularly useful in Madden NFL 15 because of the new pass-rush moves in the game, which allow you to time a snap and get a jump on the quarterback.

(OLB/DE) Von Miller and DeMarcus Ware

Von Miller DeMarcus Ware Ratings

This duo seems to be all about potential. Von Miller is one of the best young pass rushers in the league, and while he only played 9 games last season due to injury, he is just a year removed from an 18.5-sack season that put him in the conversation among the league’s few elite. DeMarcus Ware, meanwhile, is simply one of the greatest contributors in Cowboys lore, and one of the most dominant sack artists in history. After only playing 13 games and recording just 6 sacks in 2013, some might wonder how many big years he has left in him. With Miller on the field to help take eyes of Ware, this could be a great fit and opportunity for the savvy veteran.

Despite being up there in age, ratings czar Donny Moore has revealed that Ware will still possess 90+ ratings in both Acceleration and Power Moves. Meanwhile, Miller possesses the best Finesse Moves and Pursuit ratings at OLB in the game. With Madden NFL 15’s heightened focus on defense this year, and in particular pass rushing, these two could make an already-dangerous team even more dangerous.

(FS/SS) Jairus Byrd and Kenny Vaccaro

Jairus Byrd Kenny Vaccaro Ratings

The safety position was a critical to the success of the New Orleans Saints defense on their run to the Super Bowl back in 2009, and now they’ve got it secured once again for the long-haul by signing top-flight safety Jairus Byrd in Free Agency, and drafting Kenny Vaccaro in last season’s draft. Vaccaro was particularly impressive in his rookie season, and Byrd has become well-known as a pick machine deep in the secondary. I think perhaps Earl Thomas and Kam Chancellor should be here instead, but this isn’t a bad duo by any stretch.

Moore revealed that Byrd is not just one of the best safeties in Madden 15 this year, but that he possesses the highest zone coverage rating in the entire game — and impressive accomplishment, to be sure. Zone coverage rating is expected to benefit a lot this year, as better players can now get a jump on a pass as soon as a quarterback loads up his shoulder. Vaccaro, meanwhile, is described as having “outstanding” man coverage ability, and 90+ hit power. As someone who can cover and lay the wood, that’s a deadly ratings combination.

(CB) Darrelle Revis and Brandon Browner

Darrelle Revis Brandon Browner Ratings

The New England Patriots snatched up not one, but two of the best cornerbacks in the league this offseason by securing Darrelle Revis and Brandon Browner in free agency. While Richard Sherman is the highest rated player in Madden 15, there’s still some mumbling that Revis is still the best corner in the game, and he was done a disservice by the system he was placed in in Tampa last season. With Revis now a part of a good team, and with Sherman’s old cover buddy across from him, this will be a great season to compare Revis and Sherman.

As far as ratings go, Revis is tied (presumably with Sherman) for the highest Man Coverage rating in Madden NFL 15, while Browner excels most as a top-5 zone defender at the position. These two players make the Pats defense very dangerous this season, and rightly sit atop this list as the best corner duo in the league, and in Madden.

(CB/SS) Joe Haden and Donte Whitner

Joe Haden Donte Whitner Ratings

Donny Moore took a departure from the pure position group duos to include cornerback Joe Haden and safety Donte Whitner on this list, and I can understand why. Haden is an absolute force at cornerback, and could very well be regarded as the best in the game in his own right. Meanwhile, Whitner provides a presence in the middle of the field and against the run that will wreck havoc on offensive teams, particularly in Madden where the safety position is the most common user-controlled position at higher skill levels. But, again, if you are going to do this, why not include Richard Sherman and Earl Thomas? An oversight, for sure I think.

Haden holds a Man Coverage rating of 95+ according to EA, while Whitner is just an all-around player with his high Hit Power, Tackle and Pursuit ratings (hopefully all of those get revealed in detail soon). The Browns defense has gotten better and better each season it seems, and these two key players on defense are going to be a bit part of that progress next season as well. Along with QB Johnny Manziel, WR Josh Gordon (hopefully) and TE Jordan Cameron, this is going to be a hot team early, if not late into the Madden NFL 15 season.

Update: It has come to my attention this list is actually the best “new” defensive duos, which makes a lot more sense.

Which defensive duo do you think is the best in Madden 15?

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  • SBRodgers2011

    Watt and Clowney are my pick

  • AutoPaparazzi


    • GoMadden

      They are definitely a strong duo. I’ve heard some people say Revis and safety McCourty is an even stronger combo.

      • AutoPaparazzi

        I imagine so… McCorty is rated 97 or something on my Madden 25.

  • Steel226

    Finally some new info!

    • GoMadden

      Seriously! Lol. They even answered a tweet about the Madden 15 demo date… which they don’t have a date for yet… but still, words are coming out! Lol

      • Steel226

        Lol I’m on here everyday now for updates.Can’t wait for the roster player ratings and any possible CFM info.
        I picked Clowney and Watt due to the new d-line mechanics.I can see them being a force.This should make pressure for a change.Pressure from the front helps all d-backs.Although yeah I understand the other guys liking lockdown or hard hitting dbs.

        • Brandon Ragland

          Not many people will use the texans just due to the terrible qb situation, and lack of secondary alone.

  • Dan

    Suggs Dumervil


      fuck that shit nigga

      • GoMadden

        Haha, come on now, that’s not terrible. I agree though anything with Byrd is strong. Madden is all about turnovers, and that catch rating on Byrd damnn lol

        • STEP DADDY

          lol yep

    • Steel226

      Lmao nobody fears that terrible team


    Vaccaro & Byrd is gonna be wreckin shit this year. WHO DAT!!!

  • Jnard

    Wait a minute… No Hali and Houston???

  • Brandon Ragland

    Put Browner at FS and revis and mccorty at CB for the 4-4 package. Locking down the field!

    • GoMadden

      Not a bad idea! Will try that out when the game hits.

      • Brandon Ragland

        Yeah man! jamie collins at MLB 1 and james anderson at MLB 2 and you already know whos on the outside! With the addition of easley at DT, we can run the 4-4 to perfection! And run that spread on offence! Gonna be a good year!

  • Mike Allen

    Why are D. Ware & V. Miller up when they are yet to play with each other??? But no Luke Kuechly and Greg Hardy?!?!

  • Gilbert Olivares

    Robert Quinn, Aaron Donald, Chris long, and Michael brockers…… FEARSOME FOURSOME!!!!!!!